Marston Polygraph Academy

Becoming an Elite Polygraph Examiner at Marston Polygraph Academy In the world of polygraph examinations, training and expertise are crucial. And this is what Marston Polygraph Academy delivers. With two intensive courses designed to shape aspiring polygraph...

International Academy of Polygraph

International Academy of Polygraphs offers an all-encompassing polygraph training program led by experienced professionals. Accredited by major associations, it offers unique partnership benefits with Broward College Criminal Justice Institute. Graduates emerge with specialist qualifications and skills, positioning them distinctively in the field.

American International Institute of Polygraph

AIIP's ten-week Examiner’s Basic Course equips students with skills for crime-related and pre-employment polygraph examinations. Leveraging curriculum from the Department of Defense Polygraph Institute, AIIP is recognized as a leading institution in polygraph examiner certification, with seasoned instructors and comprehensive training.

Academy for Scientific and Investigative Training

The Academy for Scientific Investigative Training provides a thorough education in deception detection. Students gain practical experience in various polygraph instruments and techniques, including the innovative Morgan Interview Thematic Technique. Graduates emerge as trained forensic psychophysiologists ready for diverse testing situations.

Texas Department of Public Safety Law Enforcement Polygraph School

The DPS and Texas Police Association offer specialized polygraph training for law enforcement applications. With the first school established in 1995, today's Texas DPS Law Enforcement Polygraph School is a respected faculty, accredited by major associations. The rigorous ten-week course and advanced training prepare dedicated law enforcement professionals for accurate polygraph examinations.