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Welcome to Illinois Private Lie Detector Test, your premier destination for confidential and accurate polygraph testing. Whether you’re grappling with personal dilemmas or seeking clarity in your relationships, our private lie detector services are designed to discreetly resolve sensitive issues with the utmost confidentiality.


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Get the Answers You Need with Lie Detector Testing Services in Illinois

We have regional offices and discreet controlled locations throughout Illinois where we perform lie detector tests. Our pricing includes the services of a highly qualified examiner who is certified by the American Polygraph Association (APA). Our examiners are also experienced in forensic psychology, criminology, and/or have significant backgrounds in law enforcement.

Discover Our Illinois Locations

Discover clarity and confidence with polygraph services across Illinois. From the tranquil countryside of Southern Illinois to the vibrant metropolis of Chicago, we guarantee integrity in every test. Our expert examiners in the North, the cultural hub of the Chicago metropolitan area, the bustling central region, and the serene landscapes of Southern Illinois, are prepared to assist you in uncovering the truth, wherever you are in the Prairie State.

Lie detector tests, also known as polygraph tests, are widely available across Illinois, catering to a broad range of needs from legal matters to personal issues. Here’s where you can access these services in the state:

  • Chicago: In this bustling metropolis, polygraph services are provided to meet the diverse needs of its vast population, including legal cases, employment screenings, and personal matters.
  • Northfield: In this peaceful suburb, we offer polygraph services tailored to the community’s needs, from resolving personal issues to aiding local businesses and legal matters, all while maintaining the discreet and respectful atmosphere characteristic of Northfield.
  • Springfield: As the state capital, Springfield offers polygraph testing to support government entities, legal professionals, and private individuals in various capacities.
  • Rockford: In this northern city, polygraph services are available to assist local businesses, legal firms, and private citizens, ensuring integrity and resolution in various situations.

Equipped with advanced technology and led by experienced professionals, polygraph service providers in these key Illinois locations play a vital role in maintaining truth and integrity in various contexts, from legal proceedings to personal and professional relationships.

Illinois Lie Detector Tests – Uncovering the Truth

Facing trust challenges in the Prairie State? Our Illinois-based polygraph service offers private, expert lie detector examinations. Certified by the APA, our experienced examiners focus on issues related to relationships and fidelity. Schedule your appointment easily online, and select from accessible locations across Illinois for your session. Receive precise outcomes with our cutting-edge technology and skilled professionals. Trust is merely a test away.

Expert Guidance on Question Formulation

Trust our examiners to help craft the right questions, drawing on their deep knowledge and experience for questions that yield conclusive results.

Forensic Expertise at Your Service

Our polygraph examiners are not only well-versed in the science of lie detection but also come with qualifications in forensic psychology, criminology, and a solid background in law enforcement. This unique blend of expertise ensures that you receive the most reliable and professional service.


Statement Test for Complex Cases

For intricate matters, we employ an accurate statement test method. The examinee will be asked to provide a written account, with questions aimed at verifying the honesty of their statement.

Establishing the Truth for Peace of Mind

Our polygraph tests are designed to cut through the ambiguity that suspicion can cast on a relationship. By revealing the truth, we help partners regain confidence in each other or come to terms with reality, thereby enabling them to move forward with their lives informed and empowered.

Specializing in Infidelity and Trust Issues

We understand the delicate nature of infidelity and trust-related concerns. Our specialists are adept at handling these sensitive matters, whether it’s addressing direct accusations or unraveling long-standing trust issues within a relationship.

Partner Sex Offender Lie Detector Test

Want peace of mind in your relationship? Discover how partner sex offender lie detector tests are being utilized as a safety measure in the US. Learn how they can reveal a partner's past, allowing you to confidently take the next step in your relationship. Read on for more insights.

Lie Detector Test for Theft

Expert Lie Detector Services for Theft Resolution - Accurate, Confidential, and Trusted. Utilizing advanced polygraph technology, our certified professionals help uncover the truth in theft cases. Ideal for businesses and individuals seeking clarity and security. Contact us for a discreet consultation.

Lie Detector Test for Sexual Allegations

Dealing with sexual abuse allegations, as an accused or a victim, can be deeply distressing. Our specialized services aim to unearth the truth, providing essential evidence for your case. Our team of highly skilled examiners understand the sensitive nature of these cases, ensuring utmost confidentiality and professionalism. Our polygraph tests, a crucial tool in ascertaining truth, can help disprove false allegations or corroborate a victim's claims. Reach out to us today to learn how we can assist in your case.

Integrity Lie Detector Test

Caught in a distressing situation due to false dishonesty allegations? Our Integrity Lie Detector Tests are here to help you prove your innocence and uphold your reputation. These tests offer accurate truth verification, ensuring your good name remains untarnished. Tailored to fit your unique circumstances, our services come with the guarantee of professional, discreet handling by experienced examiners. Reach out to us today to learn how our dedication to high ethical and legal standards can assist you.

Lie Detector Sexual Contact Test

If suspicions of infidelity are causing you distress, our sexual contact lie detector tests can help. Customized to your situation, we ask questions related to potential sexual encounters or intimate acts, such as kissing, outside of your relationship. Our goal is to provide clarity and certainty, enabling you to navigate this challenging situation with more confidence.

Infidelity Lie Detector Test

Private lie detector tests are an effective tool designed to help couples uncover the truth about their relationship. Whether there is suspicion related to a particular event or underlying concerns about infidelity, a lie detector test can help identify the truth of the matter. The test can either reinforce trust or confirm a partner’s worst fears, allowing both parties to move forward with their lives when they have a full understanding of the facts.

Secure Online Booking – Your Privacy, Our Priority

Book your lie detector test with ease through our secure online reservation system. Rest assured, your privacy is our primary concern, and all information is handled with the highest level of discretion.


Precision and Accuracy

Expect a comprehensive process, lasting up to two hours with a precision rate of 95% – 98%. We ensure accuracy through a series of up to 8 questions tailored to the unique facets of your case, with specific focus on the issues at hand.

Tailored to Your Unique Needs

Every situation is different. We adapt our testing approach to fit your specific circumstances, always considering psychological and physiological differences.

Latest Technology and APA Standards

We utilize state-of-the-art polygraph equipment, adhering to the regulations set by the APA, ensuring that you benefit from the latest advancements in polygraphy.

Seasoned Professionals Committed to Excellence

Our examiners boast years of industry experience, strictly following the ethical codes of the American Polygraph Association. With exceptional English proficiency and specialized skills in related fields, they rank among the most competent professionals in the polygraph industry.

How can Private Lie Detector Test help?

We can customize an examination to address almost any need or requirement. Our brand new state-of-the-art polygraph systems allow our highly trained and accredited examiners to conduct a wide range of customized polygraph examinations to assist in establishing the truth and facts regarding any matter or issue under investigation.

Professionally produced official reports detailing the results of the polygraph examination are usually available within 24 hours after test completion.

Restoring trust in a spouse or partner

Are you concerned that a loved one is cheating on you? When trust is lost in any relationship, we understand how destructive and soul destroying this can be. Our Polygraph (lie detector) tests, have assisted innumerable couples to resolve their marital difficulties and relationship problems.

Resolve family disputes

Lie detector tests can be conducted to find resolutions to family and personal issues. These include issues related to false allegations, domestic violence, theft and other family disputes. You can rely on our highly trained examiners to get to the truth of any private matter.

Avoiding crime in the workplace

Many organisations and recruiters conduct lie detector tests on prospective job candidates as a way of preventing potential risks such as theft, fraud and drug/substance/alcohol abuse. When a crime has been committed in the workplace it is now common practice to request existing employees to submit to polygraph examinations.

Revealing the truth

There are few things worse than being accused of fraud when you are innocent. If this has happened to you, we can help to clear your name by conducting a private lie detector test.

Our ethos is based on helping people to resolve personal issues such as being falsely accused of infidelity, theft or fraud.


Lie Detector Test Prices in Illinois

Illinois provides various options for those in need of lie detector tests, also referred to as polygraph tests. These tests are employed for diverse purposes such as legal proceedings, employment verifications, and personal issues. The pricing for these tests can fluctuate based on the specific location within Illinois and the nature of the test needed, whether for an individual, a couple, or a group.

Illinois Area City Single Lie Detector Test Couple / 2 People Tested Group Test / 3 People
Northeast Illinois Chicago $800 $1400 $2100
Northeast Illinois Northfield $800 $1400 $2100
Northwest Illinois Rockford $800 $1400 $2100
Central Illinois Springfield $800 $1400 $2100

These prices reflect the range for lie detector tests across various Illinois locations, showing that costs can differ based on the city. Group testing often provides a discount per person compared to solo sessions.

Key Points to Consider:

Purpose of Test: The cost can vary depending on the test’s purpose, with tests required for legal matters often needing more in-depth analysis.
Examiner Expertise: The price may also be influenced by the examiner’s level of experience and qualifications.
Test Duration and Complexity: Longer and more complex tests may result in higher fees.

When selecting a lie detector test in Illinois, take these factors into account along with the provided prices to ensure the service matches your particular requirements. While the price is a significant consideration, the foremost priorities should be the test’s accuracy and reliability.

City-Specific Lie Detector Test Information

Our extensive lie detector testing services are accessible throughout Illinois, meeting a wide range of needs from employment verification, legal proceedings, to personal questions. Below is a list of cities in Illinois where our services are readily available.



Lie Detector Test Northfield, IL is your trusted ally for confidential polygraph services. With a transparent price of $800 and no hidden fees, we provide a fair and cost-effective solution to dispel your doubts.


Lie Detector Test Rockford, IL is your trusted ally for confidential polygraph services. With a transparent price of $800 and no hidden fees, we provide a fair and cost-effective solution to dispel your doubts.


Lie Detector Test Springfield, IL is your trusted ally for confidential polygraph services. With a transparent price of $800 and no hidden fees, we provide a fair and cost-effective solution to dispel your doubts.


Lie Detector Test Chicago, IL is your trusted ally for confidential polygraph services. With a transparent price of $800 and no hidden fees, we provide a fair and cost-effective solution to dispel your doubts.


Lie Detector Test Northfield, IL is your trusted ally for confidential polygraph services. With a transparent price of $800 and no hidden fees, we provide a fair and cost-effective solution to dispel your doubts.

Location details


Lie Detector Test Rockford, IL is your trusted ally for confidential polygraph services. With a transparent price of $800 and no hidden fees, we provide a fair and cost-effective solution to dispel your doubts.

Location details


Lie Detector Test Springfield, IL is your trusted ally for confidential polygraph services. With a transparent price of $800 and no hidden fees, we provide a fair and cost-effective solution to dispel your doubts.

Location details


Lie Detector Test Chicago, IL is your trusted ally for confidential polygraph services. With a transparent price of $800 and no hidden fees, we provide a fair and cost-effective solution to dispel your doubts.

Location details

Across the diverse landscapes of Illinois, from the serene shores of Lake Michigan to the bustling streets of its urban centers, the pursuit of truth stands paramount. We are dedicated to providing lie detector tests to fulfill this essential need.

Our comprehensive network covers the entire state, ensuring accessibility to our services no matter your location. Here are the cities in Illinois where our services are available:

Aurora, Bloomington, Carbondale, Champaign, Chicago, Decatur, Elgin, Evanston, Joliet, Naperville, Peoria, Rockford, Schaumburg, Springfield, Urbana, and Waukegan, among others.

No matter your requirements, rest assured that we are committed to assisting you in revealing the truth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lie Detector Tests in Illinois

Do you have questions about lie detector tests in Illinois? Our FAQ section is designed to assist you. It offers clear and detailed responses to your most important questions. Whether you’re interested in understanding the costs, available locations, or the overall procedure of polygraph testing within the state, this section provides the insights you need. It’s an indispensable guide for anyone contemplating a lie detector test for personal, legal, or professional reasons. Dive into our FAQs for straightforward and enlightening information, aiding you in making informed choices.

What are the common uses of a lie detector test?

Lie detector tests are commonly used for criminal investigations, pre-employment screenings, security clearances, and personal matters such as resolving disputes or verifying statements in relationships.

Do I need an appointment for a lie detector test?

Yes, it is essential to schedule an appointment for a lie detector test, and we only accept online bookings. This policy ensures a streamlined and efficient scheduling process, allowing us to manage appointments effectively and maintain an organized schedule. Online booking also provides you with the convenience of selecting your preferred time and date from available slots, ensuring availability and reducing wait times. Additionally, it allows you to prepare for the test adequately by reviewing pre-test instructions and information at your leisure.

How long does a lie detector test take?

A typical lie detector test lasts between 2 to 3 hours. This includes the pre-test interview, the actual test, and the post-test discussion.

Can I refuse a lie detector test in Illinois?

Yes, you can refuse to take a lie detector test. In most employment contexts, it’s illegal for employers to require or request an employee or job applicant to take a lie detector test, with certain exceptions related to security and pharmaceutical industries.

Can the results of a lie detector test be used in court in Illinois?

The admissibility of lie detector test results in court varies. While they are often inadmissible in criminal cases, they might be used in civil cases or for other legal purposes, depending on the judge’s discretion and the context of the case.

Are lie detector tests mandatory for employment in Illinois?

Generally, private employers cannot require lie detector tests due to federal laws like the Employee Polygraph Protection Act. However, certain exceptions exist, particularly in security-sensitive industries.