PEAK Credibility Assessment Training Center

In the intricate field of polygraph examinations, the PEAK Credibility Assessment Training Center emerges as a distinguished institution, dedicated to sculpting the next generation of polygraph professionals. Accredited by the American Polygraph Association (APA) and celebrated by a plethora of state and national associations, PEAK stands as a testament to excellence and integrity in polygraph training.

Admission Policy: Setting the Standards High

PEAK’s Basic Polygraph Examiner’s Course is designed for those aspiring to excel in the polygraph field. The prerequisites ensure that only the most eligible candidates are admitted, requiring at least a high school diploma, a clean legal record, and a verified good reputation. These stringent criteria underscore PEAK’s commitment to maintaining the highest ethical standards in the polygraph profession.

Tuition and Refund Policy: Investing in Your Future

With a clear and fair financial policy, PEAK ensures that students understand the value of their investment. Course fees cover comprehensive training materials, equipment usage, and expert consultation. The refund policy is designed with the student’s best interest in mind, providing financial security and peace of mind for all enrollees.

Academic Progress and Graduation Policy: Excellence in Education

PEAK’s educational framework is rigorous, with multiple written and practical examinations designed to challenge and refine the skills of each student. Achieving a minimum of 75% in all assessments is mandatory, setting a high bar for academic excellence and ensuring that graduates are well-prepared for the demands of the polygraph profession.

Suspension and Dismissal Policy: Upholding Professional Integrity

The center enforces a strict code of conduct, reflecting the serious nature of the polygraph profession. Acts of moral turpitude, dishonesty, or any form of unprofessional behavior may lead to suspension or dismissal, underscoring the importance of integrity within the course.

Re-admission Policy: A Second Chance for Success

Understanding the challenging nature of polygraph training, PEAK offers a compassionate re-admission policy for those who may not succeed on their first attempt. This policy emphasizes the center’s dedication to student success and professional development.

Complaint Procedures: A Voice for Students and Stakeholders

PEAK ensures transparency and accountability through a formal complaint procedure, allowing concerns to be addressed constructively. This process demonstrates the center’s commitment to continuous improvement and student satisfaction.

Professional Memberships: A Gateway to the Polygraph Community

Graduates are encouraged to join professional polygraph associations, fostering a sense of community and ongoing professional development. However, PEAK emphasizes that graduation is just one step toward eligibility for professional membership, licensure, or certification, highlighting the center’s realistic and ethical approach to career advancement in the field.

About PEAK: A Legacy of Leadership

Under the leadership of Director Ben Blalock, PEAK has achieved remarkable recognition, with Blalock himself receiving numerous awards for his contributions to the polygraph field. These accolades reflect the center’s influential role in advancing polygraph standards and practices.

Mission, Vision, and Objectives

PEAK’s mission to provide high-quality training and consulting services is supported by a vision to enhance global security and safety. The center’s objectives focus on maintaining educational standards, promoting professional credibility, and supporting the polygraph community, illustrating a comprehensive approach to shaping the future of credibility assessment.


In Conclusion

PEAK Credibility Assessment Training Center stands as a pillar of excellence in the polygraph training landscape. With a commitment to high standards, ethical practices, and continuous improvement, PEAK not only educates but also shapes the future leaders of the polygraph profession, ensuring that the field continues to evolve with integrity and precision.