The ten-week AIIP Examiner’s Basic Course provides students with the skills, knowledge, and ability to conduct crime or incident-related polygraph examinations and pre-employment screening for the private sector, law enforcement, and criminal defense practices.

AIIP utilizes a successful curriculum and instructional methods based on experience from the Department of Defense Polygraph Institute. This Federally-recognized training program gives students exposure to analog and computerized polygraph equipment.

The AIPT has a valued and respected reputation as the leader in examiner certification. Founded in 19723, it’s the oldest institution in the industry, training some of the best polygraph examiners to work in the field.

The instructors working with the AIPT have more than a century of combined experience in intelligence, security, and criminal testing. During your training, your practical work involves basic polygraph courses based on real-world examples of criminal cases and “live” training involving test subjects.

The AIPT offers the highest standard of training available, with many of its technicians moving on to careers in government agencies and academic positions at polygraph schools. Some of its more popular courses include the following.

  • Basic Polygraph Examiner’s Course (12 Weeks)
  • Advanced Polygraph Course and Certification (3 weeks)
  • Personnel Screening Course (3 Weeks)

The training is expensive but worth the investment, with the collection of courses setting you back $15,000.00 for your education.

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