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Can I Trust the Polygraph Examiner?

Concerned about trusting a polygraph examiner during your test? Understandably, the thought of undergoing a lie detector test can be daunting. However, polygraph examiners are trained professionals bound by ethical standards. Their goal is not to pry into your personal life but to conduct the test fairly and accurately, focusing on specific issues relevant to the examination. Trust in their professionalism and the confidentiality of the process.


Unveiling Unethical Practices: Mike Rumble, a UK-Based APA Accredited Polygraph Examiner – FRAUD ALERT

FRAUD ALERT: Mike Rumble, a UK-based APA accredited polygraph examiner, has been exposed for content theft. This violation of copyright laws undermines the hard work of content creators and raises ethical concerns. We, at, are taking this matter seriously and working to address the infringement. Upholding the rights of content creators and maintaining the integrity of our platform is our priority. Stay tuned for updates as we tackle this issue head-on. #ContentTheft #EthicalConduct #ProtectIntellectualProperty


Fake Polgraph Lie Detector Test Reports

It’s a sad fact of today’s modern society that almost anything can be bought in the way of false documentation. Currently the GMC is checking the credentials of around 3000 medical staff following the discovery of a fake ‘psychologist’ who worked for the NHS over a...