In the realm of polygraph examination, the trust placed in professionals by the public is paramount. We’ve previously alerted you to the unprofessional and fraudulent behaviour of Mike Rumble, a UK-based polygraph examiner, regarding false claims to membership of the American Association of Police Polygraphists (AAPA) and content theft from Now, we delve deeper into a series of disturbing incidents involving Mr. Rumble and his alleged professional misconduct that led to his expulsion from the British Polygraph Association (BPA).

Plotting Unprofessional Schemes

The BPA’s core mission is to ensure that its members uphold the highest professional and ethical standards. However, it has been alleged that Mr. Rumble planned to create a deceptive website intended to undermine the BPA’s lawful control. Evidence of this intention emerged when it was discovered that the domain was purchased 18 days before the Annual General Meeting on April 17, 2019. This planning and action were viewed as attempts to take over the intellectual property of the BPA, a grave violation of professional ethics.

A Breach of Ethical Conduct

This misconduct, unfortunately, did not stop there. Rumble was accused of carrying out polygraph examinations in complete disregard of the standards and ethics set by the American Polygraph Association (APA). These violations included:

1. Conducting multiple tests on the same person without due care for professional standards and using alleged ‘failures’ to justify retests.
2. Administering tests on vulnerable individuals, including those who were pregnant, physically incapacitated, or had serious psychological issues.
3. Involved in examinations linked to organised crime.

All these breaches deeply contradict the principles of professional conduct and display a lack of respect for the individuals who entrust their faith in these services.

Removal from BPA

The culmination of these actions led to Rumble’s expulsion from the BPA. His behaviour was described as “unbecoming a professional examiner,” and it was clear that his actions violated the principles of honour and integrity that the BPA expects of its members. Moreover, it was stated that his actions are supported by written evidence from clients who were not treated professionally or with dignity.

A Call for Ethical Conduct

These allegations about Rumble’s conduct further highlight the importance of upholding professional standards, integrity, and respect in the field of polygraph examinations. They underline the need for the public to verify the credentials and reputation of professionals in this field before placing their trust in them.

In the light of these revelations, we continue to urge polygraph professionals to adhere to the highest ethical standards and distance themselves from such unethical behaviour. By doing so, we can maintain the integrity of the profession and safeguard the trust of the public. Despite the actions of a few, we remain firm in our commitment to the principles of honesty, respect, and professional integrity.

It’s crucial to remember that this is not the first incident of unethical behaviour involving Mike Rumble. His history of unprofessional conduct has been revealed in previous instances. Rumble has been caught stealing content from, in an audacious display of plagiarism that fundamentally undermines the principles of integrity and honesty.

Moreover, Rumble falsely claimed membership of the prestigious American Association of Police Polygraphists (AAPA), even going as far as to unlawfully display their logo on his website. This deceitful act was a clear attempt to mislead the public and falsely elevate his professional credibility. These repeated acts of unprofessionalism warrant attention and highlight the importance of maintaining vigilance when interacting with professionals in this field.

Unmasking Deception: Mike Rumble’s Unethical Conduct and its Impact on the Polygraph Industry

In conclusion, the behaviour and unethical acts exhibited by Mike Rumble paint a concerning picture, not only of his personal and professional conduct, but also of the potential harm such actions can cause to the polygraph industry. Polygraph testing is a field that inherently depends on trust, honesty, and professional integrity. When an individual like Rumble breaches these principles, it threatens to tarnish the reputation of the entire profession.

Rumble’s actions—be it content theft, false claims of AAPA membership, or the misuse of logos to mislead the public—highlight a striking contradiction. As a polygraph examiner, one’s role is to uncover the truth, yet his actions seem to be veiled in dishonesty and deception.

Such behaviour not only raises serious concerns about his professional conduct, but also emphasises the need for vigilance and thorough background checks when choosing a polygraph examiner. Clients seeking the services of polygraph examiners deserve transparency and truthfulness, and any deviation from these values undermines the very essence of this profession.

As we move forward, it’s crucial to remember that the actions of one individual do not define an entire profession. The vast majority of polygraph examiners are dedicated, honest, and adhere strictly to professional guidelines and ethical standards. We, as a community, must distance ourselves from such damaging conduct, reassert our commitment to upholding integrity and continue working towards maintaining the trust placed in us by the public.

In light of these recurring incidents involving Mike Rumble, it’s worth underscoring the existence of three professional organisations for polygraph examiners within the UK – the British Polygraph Association, the British and European Polygraph Association, and the British Polygraph Society. All three organisations uphold strict standards of professional conduct and ethics. To date, Mr. Rumble is not a member of any of these esteemed organisations. Given his track record of unethical behaviour, it’s clear to see why he would not meet their rigorous standards for acceptance. This serves as yet another stark reminder of the importance of verifying the credentials of polygraph examiners.

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