At Lie Detector Test – Nationwide & Confidential Polygraph Provider, we understand that the decision to undergo a polygraph examination is significant, often driven by the need for clarity and resolution in challenging situations. Our non-refundable booking fee is a critical component of our service, ensuring that we can provide the highest standard of polygraph testing. Here’s why this fee is necessary and beneficial for our clients:

1. Securing Highly Qualified Examiners

Our network includes only the most qualified and accredited polygraph examiners, who are vetted to ensure they meet stringent professional and ethical standards. The booking fee helps cover the administrative costs associated with maintaining this network and ensuring that each examiner’s credentials are current. This vetting process is crucial for providing reliable and accurate polygraph services, ensuring that clients receive the best possible support in their search for the truth.

2. Flexible Scheduling and Examiner Coordination

While clients are encouraged to provide two preferred dates for their polygraph test, we must note that examiner availability cannot always be guaranteed for those specific dates due to high demand for our certified professionals. The booking fee assists in the coordination efforts to match your schedule with available examiner times as closely as possible, enhancing flexibility and striving for the best fit.

3. Comprehensive Pre-Examination Assessment

The booking fee also encompasses the costs associated with conducting a thorough online pre-examination assessment. This vital step is performed by a fully qualified polygraph examiner and includes a detailed review of the assessment results. Such preparation ensures that each test is meticulously prepared in advance and tailored specifically to the unique requirements of the case. This level of customization is essential for conducting an effective and efficient polygraph session, optimizing the time spent during the actual test and enhancing the overall accuracy and relevance of the results. This preparation not only supports the logistical aspects of scheduling and examiner assignment but also contributes significantly to the quality and reliability of the polygraph examination.

4. Operational Costs

The operations of scheduling, organizing, and managing polygraph tests involve significant costs. From customer support to the administrative tasks behind the scenes, these activities ensure that your experience is seamless and stress-free. The booking fee helps to cover these operational costs, enabling us to maintain a high level of service and customer care.

5. Upholding High Standards

We pride ourselves on the quality and reliability of our polygraph tests. Part of maintaining these standards is the continuous training and updating of our examiners’ skills and equipment. The booking fee contributes to these ongoing improvements, ensuring that our team uses the most advanced techniques and that our methodologies remain at the cutting edge of polygraph technology.

6. Preparation and Customization of Services

Each polygraph test is unique, tailored to the specific circumstances and needs of the client. The booking fee allows us to prepare and customize these services, ensuring that every test is conducted with the utmost accuracy and attention to detail. This includes the preparation of specific question sets and the customization of testing protocols to match the case’s requirements.

7. Commitment to Service

The non-refundable nature of the booking fee ensures a mutual commitment between us and our clients. It reassures us that clients are serious about their appointment, allowing us to dedicate the appropriate resources and attention their case demands. For clients, it guarantees that we are fully committed to their case, providing a sense of security and trust in our services.

8. Booking Fee Refund Policy

Our commitment to fairness and transparency extends to our booking fee refund policy. Should the pre-examination assessment, after review by our qualified polygraph examiner, conclude that the examinee or the case is not suitable for a polygraph examination, we promise to refund the full booking fee. This policy ensures that our clients only proceed with the testing process when it is deemed appropriate and likely to yield reliable and meaningful results. In all other circumstances, the booking fee is non-refundable, reinforcing the commitment and preparation required from both parties to proceed with the polygraph examination.

9. Transparent Pricing and Flexible Payment Process

All fees presented on our website comprehensively include both the booking fee and the examination fee, ensuring full transparency with no hidden costs. The examination fee is payable only after the pre-examination assessment is approved by our accredited examiner. For added flexibility, in specific cases, the fee can be split into a deposit post-assessment approval and the remaining balance due at least 48 hours before the examination date. This approach allows clients to understand their financial commitments upfront and ensures they pay for services only when most appropriate and beneficial.


The booking fee is not just an administrative charge but an integral part of ensuring the highest standard of polygraph testing. It supports the logistical, operational, and technical aspects of our services, guaranteeing that each client receives reliable, accurate, and professional service. At Lie Detector Test, we are dedicated to providing an unmatched level of expertise and support, and the booking fee is crucial in helping us maintain these standards. Trust us to help you uncover the truth, with a commitment to excellence and integrity at every step of the process.

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