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Examiner Eligibility Criteria for Partnership

In our quest to uphold the highest standards of polygraph service and ensure the utmost integrity of our referral network, we are seeking professionals who meet the following qualifications:

Professional Training

Applicants must have completed polygraph training at a facility accredited by the American Polygraph Association (APA).

Service Range

Willingness to carry out domestic or relationship-related examinations is essential.

Practical Experience

A minimum of 2,000 examinations must have been conducted after achieving certification.

Client Engagement

We require a commitment to contacting all referred clients on the same day or by the next day after their referral. This ensures timely communication and professionalism in handling new inquiries or appointments

Technological Capability

Examiners must possess or have unrestricted access to computerized polygraph equipment.

Scheduling Efficiency

Examiners must ensure that an appointment for the examination is available within 14 days of client contact.

Facilities Provision

Examiners must provide the testing rooms where examinations will be conducted.

Consistent Pricing

Examiners joining our network must define a flat rate pricing model for each testing location, specifying their fees for Individual Examination, Couple Test, and Group Test (minimum of 3 people).

Trusted Polygraph Professionals: A Network of Excellence

Join our Referral Program for Polygraph Examiners and elevate your practice with no added cost. We specialize in connecting you with clients in proximity to your location. Our clients are not just leads; they are pre-qualified and have already completed the necessary pre-examination assessment and paid their booking fee. This means every referral you receive from us is ready for your expertise, ensuring you can focus on your professional service without the hassle of client acquisition.

We recognize the growing global demand for polygraph services, and we are committed to facilitating a seamless connection between clients and top-tier polygraph professionals. In an era where efficiency and accuracy are paramount, we extend an invitation to qualified polygraph examiners to join our referral program—without incurring any registration fees.

As we seek to enhance our network with proficient polygraph professionals, we embrace the value of flexibility and independence in your practice. Alongside the qualifications previously listed, we would like to emphasize the following aspects of our partnership

Booking and Pre-Examination Assessment

You will receive a referral for a client who has already paid a booking fee, signifying their intent to proceed with a polygraph test. Accompanying this referral is a comprehensive pre-examination assessment completed by the client

Flexibility in Acceptance

Should you decide against accepting the booking for any reason, we will issue a refund of the booking fee to the client and cancel the booking on your behalf.

Confirmation and Payment

Upon your acceptance of the booking and assessment, the client must pay the full, non-refundable examination fee within 24 hours, as stipulated in our agreed terms and conditions.

Control and Communication

 You hold full control over the booking process. You can directly engage with the client to determine the most appropriate time for the examination.

Access to Pre-Qualified Leads

Tap into a continuous stream of client leads that have been carefully pre-qualified, ensuring a higher conversion rate and a consistent client flow.

No Registration Fees

There are absolutely no fees to join our network, enabling examiners to benefit from our services without upfront costs

No Referral Fees

In keeping with our professional standards, we do not charge referral fees or commissions per referral. Our compensation is entirely based on clients who have completed bookings with us.

Quick Payment Turnaround

Receive prompt payments from clients, typically within 24 hours after accepting the pre-examination assessment, fostering better cash flow management

Reduced Administrative Burden

Our platform’s automation efficiently vets clients, capturing their preferred appointment dates. However, the final scheduling authority rests with you, the examiner, to coordinate the most suitable date and time with the client. This system is designed to minimize administrative tasks, enabling you to concentrate on the essential aspects of your professional services.

Direct Client Billing

Examiners receive their standard session fees directly from clients, ensuring fair compensation for their expertise. We uphold a fixed booking fee per booking, charged directly to clients. Our booking fee is consistent whether for individual, couple, or group tests.

No Branding Requirements

While proud of our network, we do not require you to advertise your affiliation with us. There is no obligation to display our logo or declare membership in your marketing materials or digital platforms.

Discreet Partnership Promise

Our collaboration with examiners and service providers is built on a foundation of strict confidentiality. We assure you that your details and the specifics of our professional relationships remain exclusively between us. Your confidence in our discretion is paramount, and we are dedicated to upholding this trust at every step.

Client Satisfaction Focus

 With our end-to-end client management, examiners can ensure high levels of client satisfaction, leading to better reviews and referrals.

Continuous Improvement

Be part of a program that is committed to continuous improvement and innovation, always seeking to provide the best possible service.

Professional Growth

Increase exposure and grow your professional practice by leveraging our established platform and reputation.

Ethical Standards

Join a network that values and upholds ethical standards in polygraph testing, contributing to the overall integrity of the profession.

Marketing and SEO Benefits

Benefit from our expertise in digital marketing and search engine optimization, which drives traffic and leads without the examiner having to invest in their own marketing efforts.

Affiliation Freedom

We do not restrict our examiners from participating in other affiliate polygraph programs. We believe in fostering a collaborative environment that allows you to broaden your professional reach in a manner that best suits your business model.

Exclusive Access

 As a member of the network, get exclusive access to industry insights, trends, and resources that can help in staying ahead in the field.

Operational Autonomy

 Examiners enjoy the freedom to operate independently, with the backing of a professional network that supports their business goals.

Enjoy a Transparent Partnership – No Hidden Fees! We believe in clear, straightforward collaborations. That’s why with us, there are no referral fees or commissions per referral. Our compensation is directly from clients who book with us, ensuring a fair and transparent service for all parties involved. Partner with us for a commitment-free, honest business relationship

Joining our referral program offers polygraph examiners a unique opportunity to elevate their professional services. This collaboration not only enhances their service offerings but also streamlines operational efficiency, positioning them at the forefront of the polygraph testing industry.

Unmatched Opportunities for Polygraph Examiners

By joining our referral network, you gain access to a stream of pre-qualified client leads, all meticulously vetted through our sophisticated algorithmic process. This not only ensures a better match but also significantly expands your professional practice.

Your Professional Expertise Rewarded

Upon confirmation of the booking and pre-examination assessment, the client is obligated to remit the entire non-refundable examination fee directly to you within 24 hours. Concurrently, the booking fee is paid directly to our service, with no impact on your professional fees.

Innovation at the Heart of Service

Our new automated process has transformed our website into a dynamic and user-friendly platform, resulting in increased traffic and conversions. We provide a central hub for clients to access high-quality content and for examiners to enjoy a simplified administrative process.

Insight-Driven Market Approach

Leveraging our expertise in sales, digital marketing, SEO, and social media, we have crafted a solution that addresses both client and examiner needs, informed by comprehensive market analysis.

Automated Excellence

Our automated booking and scheduling system ensures clients can effortlessly navigate through the suitability screening, consent to terms and conditions, and finalize their appointments—all with no administrative workload on our examiners. An impressive 35% of orders in the last quarter were completed confidently and autonomously by clients online.

Consistently High Standards

Our client-focused business processes are designed to uphold and deliver the highest standards of service consistently, regardless of the diversity of cases or client backgrounds.

At liedetectortest.com, we are more than a referral platform; we are a collaborative network driving the gold standard in polygraph services. Join us today and be a part of redefining the industry standards.


Market Insight for Polygraph Professionals

Through meticulous research, we have identified significant gaps in the online information available to clients seeking polygraph services. Our expertise lies in creating knowledge-rich websites powered by swift, automated processes. Our goal is to enrich the polygraph market through intelligent automation, simplifying your operations to ensure you effortlessly connect with pre-screened, suitable clients. This enhances your ability to expand your practice efficiently, freeing you from the burden of administrative tasks and allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Our automated system is at the heart of each transaction we facilitate online. Clients can effortlessly book, schedule, and prepare for their polygraph tests, confirming the appropriateness of the service and agreeing to the terms and conditions, all without the need for examiner intervention. Notably, over the last quarter, 35% of our bookings were completed autonomously by clients with confidence through our online platform.


  • Enhancing Examiner Collaboration: We are committed to continuous improvement and regularly refine our framework to bolster client satisfaction and the precision of our services. This ongoing development ensures that you, as an examiner, are aligned with a service that remains at the forefront of the polygraph industry.
  • Elevating Client Satisfaction: As an independent professional within our network, you stand to gain from our digital marketing acumen and streamlined business processes. This partnership is designed to help you surpass client expectations, fostering higher satisfaction and repeat engagement.
  • Upholding the Gold Standard of Service: Our client-centric business operations are tailored to consistently deliver services of the highest caliber, irrespective of the variety or complexity of cases presented. By joining our network, you become part of a brand synonymous with quality and reliability in the polygraph service sector

Enhance Your Polygraph Examiner Career with Our Premier Referral Program

Are you a polygraph examiner looking to elevate your career and expand your professional opportunities? Our Referral Program is designed for experts like you who seek to maximize their practice’s potential. By connecting with us, you can tap into a stream of pre-qualified clients in need of your expertise. Here’s what our program offers:

Dedicated Client Stream: Gain access to a steady flow of clients who require polygraph testing services. Our marketing strategies and online presence mean you spend less time seeking clients and more time providing your specialized service.

Pre-Qualified and Committed Clients: We ensure that every client passed on to you has undergone a thorough pre-qualification process. This includes payment of a booking fee, demonstrating their commitment to proceed with the polygraph examination.

Zero Advertising Cost: You’ll benefit from our robust digital marketing campaigns without having to invest a single penny. We handle the client acquisition cost, allowing you to enjoy increased visibility and business growth.

Flexible Scheduling: Our program respects your autonomy. Clients suggest their preferred dates, and you have the final say in scheduling appointments that fit your calendar, ensuring that you maintain control over your workflow.

Transparent Payment Process: Clients pay the booking fee directly to us and your examination fee directly to you. There are no hidden costs or deductions from your fee, ensuring transparency and trust.

Expand Your Professional Reach: Our network is nationwide, giving you the chance to widen your geographical service area if you choose. This means you can grow your practice regionally and nationally.

Support and Community: Joining our network connects you with a community of professionals and provides support from our dedicated team. We’re here to help streamline your administrative processes, so you can focus on your clients.

Simple Onboarding Process: Getting started with us is straightforward. Simply fill out our application form, and once approved, you’ll immediately start receiving client referrals.

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