Infidelity Lie Detector Test

Facing allegations of infidelity? Trust, once broken, can be hard to regain. If false accusations are causing stress and strain in your relationship, you can take action. Prove your innocence and start rebuilding trust with our specialized polygraph services. We’re here to help you navigate through relationship challenges with honesty and transparency.

Lie Detector Test For Relationship Issues

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Our team of experienced polygraph examiners provides infidelity lie detector tests to private clients across the United States. Our clients consistently receive accurate, verified reports that enable them to make informed decisions about their relationships. The test results have helped repair many relationships, rather than ending them.

With a private lie detector test, you can address any doubts and suspicions you have about your partner’s fidelity. Our examiners use state-of-the-art equipment and scientifically validated techniques to obtain accurate results. The test is administered in a professional and confidential manner to ensure complete privacy and discretion.

If you are seeking the truth about your relationship, a private lie detector test can provide the answers you need. Our team of examiners is committed to helping you uncover the truth, whatever it may be, so that you can make informed decisions and move forward with confidence.

Private Lie Detector Test for Infidelity

We specialise in polygraph (lie detector) tests to ascertain honesty or deceipt within relationships.

Our qualified examiners can help with:

• Verification of statements
• False allegations
• Uncovering additional evidence

An infidelity polygraph (lie detector) test – includes up to 3 pertinent questions related to dating, contact with ex partners or physical contact with someone else. The process includes verification of your or the subject’s health (including medical conditions, alcohol and drug use), and sexual history. All cases are conducted with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

The format of testing and reporting is professionally established and applied strictly, ensuring that the service is both confidential and respectful throughout the entire procedure. The APA (American Polygraph Association) affirms that polygraph tests, conducted and clarified in compliance with their approved and documented methods are supported by scientific evidence. In consequence, such tests are useful and valuable for a number of purposes..


The examiner will sit down and discuss the results with you verbally and you will always receive the fully verified report in 2 working days. All video, transcripts, charts and analysis are assessed centrally by our team to make sure we provide you with an accurate and substantial report.


The infidelity polygraph test, an important tool for addressing trust issues in relationships, is designed with precision and sensitivity. It involves a structured approach to question formulation and a strong emphasis on professional standards.

According to the American Polygraph Association, the reliability of polygraph tests can range from 95% to 98%, depending on the testing method used. When conducted in accordance with their approved procedures and documented methods, the infidelity polygraph test yields results that are fairly accurate and backed by scientific evidence.

Focused Question Design: The test includes questions pertaining to key areas of concern in a relationship, such as dating activities, interactions with ex-partners, and any physical or sexual contact with others. This process is collaborative, involving both partners to develop questions that are not only suitable but also precise, aiming to obtain the necessary answers.

Adherence to Professional Standards: All questions are framed within a strict professional format. The test is limited to three relevant questions concerning the specific issue being addressed. This limitation is to ensure maximum accuracy. The approach to questioning is marked by a commitment to confidentiality, sensitivity, and respectfulness.

Use of Single Issue Tests for Optimal Accuracy: In our practice, we employ the single issue test format to achieve the highest level of accuracy currently available. This focused approach ensures that the test is centered around one specific issue, thereby enhancing the precision of the results.

Employment of the Latest Technology: To ensure the highest standards, we utilize the latest polygraph equipment. This advanced technology plays a crucial role in maintaining the accuracy and reliability of the test.


The Infidelity Polygraph Test Process

The infidelity polygraph test, a procedure commonly sought after in the United States, is a comprehensive process that spans approximately two hours. It is meticulously structured to ensure thoroughness and accuracy, comprising several distinct phases:

Initial Consultation and Question Formulation: The process begins with an extensive meeting between the examiner and the client who has arranged the test. This initial phase is crucial for developing specific questions, setting clear objectives for the test, and gaining an understanding of the relationship’s history.

Psychological Assessment: A key part of the process involves a detailed psychological evaluation of the individual undergoing the test. In cases where both partners in a relationship are being tested, this assessment is applied to both individuals.

Controlled Testing Environment: The actual polygraph examination takes place in a specialized room, equipped to create a controlled testing environment. The individual is connected to various instruments that monitor physical responses typically associated with deception, such as changes in heart rate, blood pressure, and skin conductivity.

Results Presentation and Analysis: After the test, the examiner analyzes the data and presents the findings to the client. This discussion aims to provide a clear understanding of the test results.

Provision of a Verified Report: A detailed report, summarizing the test’s findings, is prepared and reviewed by a secondary examiner for verification. This report, included in the service, is provided to the client to ensure confidence in the test’s conclusions.

Infidelity polygraph tests are a popular choice for individuals seeking clarity and resolution in matters of trust and fidelity within their relationships. The procedure is designed to offer definitive answers in situations where doubts about a partner’s faithfulness arise.

What questions are on a lie detector test for infidelity?

Below is a list of carefully crafted questions that can be used in our single-issue polygraph test focused on infidelity. These questions are designed to be clear, direct, and specific to effectively uncover the truth.

List of Potential Questions for Infidelity Polygraph Test:

  1. Since (SPECIFIC DATE), besides (SPECIFIC NAME), have you engaged in sexual intercourse with anyone else?
  2. Since (SPECIFIC DATE), besides (SPECIFIC NAME), have you engaged in oral sex with anyone else?
  3. Since (SPECIFIC DATE), besides (SPECIFIC NAME), have you engaged in French kissing with anyone else?
  4. Have you ever, before (SPECIFIC DATE), engaged in any type of sexual activity with (SPECIFIC NAME)?
  5. Since (SPECIFIC DATE), have you communicated in any way with (SPECIFIC NAME)?
  6. Before (SPECIFIC DATE), did you ever utilize any pay-for-sex type service?
  7. Since (SPECIFIC DATE), have you sent any sexually explicit messages or images to someone other than (SPECIFIC NAME)?
  8. Since (SPECIFIC DATE), have you ever hidden or deleted messages or call logs to conceal communication with someone other than (SPECIFIC NAME)?
  9. Since (SPECIFIC DATE), have you been alone in a private setting with someone you were sexually attracted to, other than (SPECIFIC NAME)?
  10. Before (SPECIFIC DATE), did you ever lie to (SPECIFIC NAME) about your whereabouts or who you were with?
  11. Since (SPECIFIC DATE), have you maintained an active profile on any dating or hookup websites/apps?
  12. Since (SPECIFIC DATE), have you received sexual gratification from someone other than (SPECIFIC NAME)?
  13. Since (SPECIFIC DATE), have you given or received any romantic or sexually suggestive gifts from someone other than (SPECIFIC NAME)?
  14. Since (SPECIFIC DATE), have you engaged in any form of physical intimacy, however minor, with someone other than (SPECIFIC NAME)?
  15. Since (SPECIFIC DATE), have you physically met with any individual from a dating or hookup website/app?

Note: The questions provided above are examples and serve as a general guideline for the types of inquiries that can be included in an infidelity polygraph test. It’s important to understand that the real questions used in each test are always tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of the client. Our professional examiners work closely with each client to develop a set of questions that are most relevant and appropriate for their unique situation, ensuring that the test is as effective and accurate as possible.

Our primary goal is to provide clarity and truth in a respectful manner. We tailor each session to fit the unique needs of our clients, ensuring that the questions asked are directly relevant to your concerns.

Our trained professionals are here to guide you through every step of the process, maintaining a high standard of confidentiality and sensitivity.

Remember, the goal of our Infidelity Polygraph Testing is not just to uncover facts, but also to pave the way for healing and understanding, whatever the outcome may be.

If you’re ready to take the next step, contact us to schedule a confidential consultation and learn more about how we can assist you in your journey towards the truth.

Questions for the Polygraph Test: Ensuring Objectivity and Clarity

You will agree the questions to be asked with the examiner. This will consist of 1 to 3 closed questions (yes or no answers) and approximately 10 more general questions. We will help you to design the questions to get to the truth of the situation. Our examiners are very experienced in dealing with all manner of cases. Once you are happy with the questions that have been proposed, the examiner will proceed with the test.

Objective Question Design: To adhere to standards of reliability and validity, the questions posed during the polygraph test must be objective, eliminating any subjective bias. Typically, the test comprises around three questions, though this number may vary based on the specific circumstances. Questions are methodically organized according to the established testing framework.

Infidelity Polygraph Test Structure: In an infidelity polygraph test, questions are designed for simple “yes” or “no” responses, without the need for detailed narratives.

Focus on Singular Issues: These tests are focused on singular issues. Participants will be questioned about one specific concern. For instance, “Have you had sexual relations with anyone other than your spouse during your marriage?”

Clarity and Understanding: Questions are crafted to be clear and unambiguous, ensuring that participants fully comprehend what is being asked of them.

Exclusion of Emotional Queries: Questions about personal feelings or emotions are expressly excluded from the test.

Direct Questioning: Questions are straightforward and direct, such as, “Have you engaged in any sexual activities with [specific person]?”

Confidentiality Assurance in the Polygraph Test Report

Consent and Privacy: Before undergoing the test, participants will sign a consent form. Information from the interview and test results are strictly shared only with those who undergo the test or those financing it. The principle of confidentiality in polygraph testing is paramount. We adhere to stringent data protection standards in line with GDPR regulations.

Client Confidentiality: Client confidentiality is our top priority, with certain exceptions in cases involving potential child, sexual, or physical abuse. In such instances, the examiner, as a “mandatory reporter,” may need to disclose relevant information. Regulatory authorities may access test data but are bound by confidentiality agreements.

Professional Question Formulation: Our polygraph tests strictly avoid queries about an examinee’s feelings or emotions. All questions are professionally developed by experts to be objective, avoiding any discussion of affection or sentiment.

Addressing Suspicions of Infidelity in Your Relationship

The Importance of Trust: Trust is the cornerstone of a healthy relationship, and when it’s breached, the relationship’s foundation is shaken. In a world where infidelity is increasingly common, many question their partner’s fidelity.

Recognizing Potential Signs: Signs like frequent late arrivals, secretive behavior with phones or computers, or changes in intimacy can fuel suspicions of an extramarital affair.

Challenges in Confrontation: Facing these doubts can be challenging. What if your suspicions are unfounded? How could this affect your relationship dynamics?

Confronting the Possibility of Infidelity

You Are Not Alone: You’re not alone in facing these concerns. Many struggle with the suspicion of a cheating partner but lack the courage to confront the issue.

Impact of Ignoring Doubts: Ignoring these doubts can erode the relationship. In families, the underlying tension and lies can impact not only your mental health but that of any children involved.

Pre-Marital Considerations: For those considering marriage, it’s vital to reassess the trustworthiness of your partner. Don’t let falsehoods be the foundation of your future together.

Addressing Suspicions of Infidelity

Observing Behavioral Changes: When you notice unexplained changes in your partner’s behavior, it’s natural to feel concerned. These shifts often raise doubts about the health and fidelity of a relationship, especially when there’s no tangible evidence or witnesses to validate your concerns.

The Challenge of Confrontation: Accusing a spouse or partner of infidelity is a delicate and challenging matter. Direct confrontation can be difficult and may lead to further strain in the relationship.

Using a Lie Detector Test as a Solution: A polygraph test can be a viable option when you’re looking for clarity about your spouse’s fidelity. It provides an opportunity to either confirm or dispel your suspicions. The rationale is straightforward: if your partner has nothing to hide, the test should theoretically pose no issue.

Understanding Test Anxiety: It’s important to note that feeling nervous or anxious is a common and expected reaction to undergoing a polygraph test. Such emotions are not indicators of guilt and are not supposed to influence the outcome of the test. The technology and methodology behind polygraph tests are designed to differentiate between normal nervousness and deceptive behavior.

In summary, if you suspect your spouse or partner of cheating and struggle with how to address these concerns, a polygraph test can offer a definitive way to seek the truth. This approach can help in resolving uncertainties and making informed decisions about the future of your relationship.

Considering a Polygraph Test in Relationships

Addressing the Torment of Uncertainty: When suspicion arises in a relationship, it often leads to a tormenting state of uncertainty. Seeking professional assistance to uncover the truth can provide relief from this state, enabling you to make informed decisions about the future of your relationship, whether that means moving on or rebuilding in a new light.

Key Reasons for Opting for a Polygraph Test

Proof of Innocence: In situations where you need to demonstrate your fidelity to your partner, especially if past mistakes have been made, a polygraph test can serve as a means to prove your ongoing loyalty.

Uncovering the Truth: If there are signs of infidelity from your partner but no concrete evidence, a lie detector test can help in determining the reality of the situation.

Impact on Children and Family Dynamics: When children are involved, decisions about the family’s future become more complex, encompassing considerations like finances, childcare, and housing. A polygraph test can provide clarity in these situations, potentially influencing decisions in family court.

History of Adultery: If there’s a previous instance of adultery, a polygraph test can verify whether such behavior has been repeated.

Understanding the Extent of Cheating: When suspicions are based solely on intuition without specific details, a polygraph test can be tailored to ascertain the extent and specifics of the alleged infidelity.

Countering False Accusations: If you find yourself wrongly accused of infidelity, undergoing a polygraph test can be a definitive way to prove your innocence to your partner.

Insights and Guidance: Navigating Infidelity and Relationship Matters

In the complex world of relationships, understanding and navigating through issues like infidelity can be challenging and emotionally taxing. To help you in this journey, our dedicated section on infidelity and relationship matters offers a wealth of resources. Our blog posts, written by experts in the field, provide deep insights and practical advice on dealing with these sensitive issues. From recognizing the signs of infidelity to rebuilding trust and communication in a relationship, our articles cover a broad spectrum of topics. Whether you’re seeking clarity in your relationship, looking for ways to heal, or simply interested in exploring these topics, our blog offers valuable perspectives and strategies. Browse through our posts to gain a better understanding of these complex dynamics.

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We hope that these articles have provided you with valuable insights and tools to navigate the challenges of relationships and infidelity. Remember, while reading and gathering information is beneficial, each situation is unique and often requires personalized attention and care. If you find yourself needing further support or guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out to professionals who can offer tailored advice and assistance. Our goal is to support and empower you through every step of your journey, providing not just information, but also a pathway to healing and stronger relationships. Keep exploring, learning, and growing with us as we delve into more aspects of relationships and the human heart.

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