Marriage is never an easy subject for any individual. There are lot of challenges and hurdles along the way that you will encounter. You need to know that you are not alone, as many marriages and relationships face a variety of different challenges over the years. Things become 10 times more complicated, when you throw young kids into the mix. With that being said, once the trust is a marriage is broken, it can truly be hard to restore it. It is not entirely impossible to restore, but it is difficult and a lot of work. If you are facing trust issues in your marriage that is causing discord every single day, it might be time to start looking for solutions, or time to start thinking about getting a divorce.

Getting To The Truth

Nowadays, with all the lie detector technology available it can be truly quick and easy to find out if your significant other is currently lying to you or have lied to you in the past. Perhaps, you are on the other end of things and want to prove your innocence to your partner. Whatever the situation is before you just agree to a polygraph or make your partner agree to a polygraph there are a variety of different things that you need to be aware of first.

When Is A Lie Detector Necessary For Marriage Issues?

A lie detector is not always 100 percent necessary to fix marriage trust issues. In fact, some individuals might just be able to sit down, talk things out, or even visit a therapist. However, if you feel that the only way that you can move forward in your marriage is to know the complete and whole truth, a lie detector test is necessary. Maybe your significant other is being closed off and discreet about phone calls he or she is receiving, maybe your partner is putting in unexplained hours in the office, or maybe there is little to no affection-taking place. Whatever the situation might be if you feel that the only way that you can begin to trust your partner again is by knowing the absolute truth, regardless of the results, a lie detector will be completely necessary.

If these issue are making your marriage worse and worse by the day then wait no longer and get in touch with a trained a qualified individual who can administer the test.

Can A Lie Detector Help You Rebuild Trust?

One of the most common questions that lie detectors examiners are asked on a daily basis is, “can a lie detector help you rebuild trust?” Well, this is a trick question as the answer can be yes or no. It honestly really depends on the individuals involved in the situation. Trust is always necessary in order for any marriage to succeed, but for some individuals once the trust is broken it can truly never be regained. On the other hand, some individuals can learn to trust again. It might even be possible that negative results could even ruin a marriage. For instance, if you force your partner to take a polygraph test and it turns out that he or she isn’t lying, then maybe your partner will lose trust in you. So, as you can see, the answer to this question really depends on the individuals involved in the marriage and the circumstances of the current situation.

Making Healthy Decisions For The Future

Only you can make the decision as to how you want the marriage to proceed once you know the results of the test. Regardless, if your partner is or isn’t lying it will be completely up to you whether or not you want to continue to make a go of the marriage. Keep in mind that a lot of marriages need work and even if your partner did deceive you, it is entirely possible to work around this and fix the situation. Maybe your accusations were unfounded all along. Whatever, the situation is with a lie detector test you will know the whole truth and be ready to move on from the situation with a clear head.

Never stay in a marriage just because you have kids or financial obligations. This will only result in you resenting your partner more and more, which will turn into an even more volatile situation.

How Much Should I Pay For A Marriage Polygraph Test?

If you are already in the process of seeking out a polygraph examiner to administer a test on your significant other, you will quickly discover that there is a wide range of prices available for testing. Some testing centers can charge as much a $500 a test, while other will only charge around $300. The thing that you need to remember is that the examiner and his or her qualification are much more important than the price. So you final decision needs to be based on the testing center and the examiner rather than the price of the test.

You want to choose only a testing center that completely specializes in marriage or relationship polygraphs. It is also extremely helpful if the examiner that is administering the test has a degree in psychology and real life experience in dealing with relationship issues. Of course, you will probably pay more for services like these, but you will know with confidence that your results will be accurate and correct.

Do I Get To Ask The Questions And How Many Can I Ask?

By now, you have probably seen tons of talk shows that involved a host reading results to polygraph tests of unfaithful spouses. The hosts probably run down a list of 10 to 20 questions reading off the results to each question. Well, the real truth of the matter is that you do not know if the results of these questions can be trusted or not. When it comes to taking a real polygraph test, the whole test is about finding the answer to one issue, rather than getting the answers to a variety of different questions. For instance, if you are concerned that your spouse is cheating or being unfaithful, then all the questions should be directed towards gaining a definitive answer to that question. This means that if the individual being tested lies about one single question on the test, it means that he or she fails the entire test.

A highly qualified test examiner will not let you ask your partner questions, instead they will ask you what truths you want to uncover. If you want to find out if your spouse is cheating or not, the test examiner will already have specially designed questions he can ask. Not only are the questions important, but the techniques in which the questions are asked and interrupted are important, as well. This is why it is always imperative to make sure that you choose an examiner with the appropriate knowledge and qualifications to provide you with the truths that you seek.

If My Partner Is Nervous Can It Make Them Fail The Test?

There is always a common concern about nervousness, when it comes to taking a polygraph test. However, if your spouse is always trying to play the nervous card there is a very good chance that he or she is lying and already looking for a way to explain the failing results. Nervousness will not affect the test; because the truth is that a certain amount of nervousness is already expected from the examiner.

With that being said, nervousness does come into play throughout the test. How a person reacts to certain questions can affect the test and determine if that individual is lying or telling the truth. For instance, when you are lying about an answer to a certain question it can make your nervous and that will show up on paper.

Is It Possible For My Partner To Cheat The Polygraph Test?

Another extremely common question that many spouses ask is, “Can my partner cheat or trick the test?” Well, the truth of the matter is that they can certainly try. There is tons of information out there in the world and online that claims they can teach individuals how to fool any lie detector test. It is even possible that there tactics and techniques could work, but the truth is that your spouse would have to have access to a machine, know how to read results, and have plenty of time to practice the cheating tactics and techniques. So, the chances of your spouse fooling the test are slim to none.

In fact, if you gave a professionally trained polygraph examiner a test there is a very good chance that even he or she could not fool the test. In addition to this, a lot of examiners employee countermeasure to ensure that individuals are not able to cheat their way through the test.

When Will I Get The Results To My Marriage Polygraph?

One of the most amazing things about a polygraph test is that you will receive verbal conformation of the results right after the test is complete and the examiner has interrupted the results. You will probably also receive a written report in the mail a few days after the test, but you will know 100 percent for sure if your spouse cheated or not after the testing session is over. Even if you are not able to make it to the testing session the examiner can call you and give you the results over the phone, text them to you, or even e-mail them to you. Whatever the situation is, you will know the results immediately after the test has been conducted.

Are Polygraph Tests Accurate Enough To Trust?

You have probably seen tons of criminal shows on TV that has said time after time that lie detectors are not admissible in court. Does this mean that the results can’t be trusted? No, in fact in certain situations polygraph tests can be admissible in court as long as the judge agrees to it beforehand. With that being said, if you look up the accuracy of polygraph tests online, you are going to get a variety of varying answers. The truth is that the accuracy of a test can be hard to explain and lot of the accuracy depend on the examiner and the questions that are asked.

However, a properly conducted tested that is administered by a highly trained professional should be able to yield anywhere from 92 to 98 percent accuracy.

What Does It Mean If My Spouse Won’t Take The Test?

Are struggling with trust issues in you marriage and you want your spouse to take a polygraph to prove his or her innocence, but they won’t agree? What does this mean? Well, first off you need to know that you spouse cannot be forced to take the test. The only legal way that any examiner can administer the test to a spouse is if he or she agrees, so consent will be 100 percent necessary. Does it mean that they are lying because they won’t agree to take the test? No, it does not 100 percent completely mean that your spouse is lying because he or she won’t take the test, but it really is a good indication.

If your spouse knows that the test means this much to you, and the only way that you can get passed this issue is to know the truth, and they still won’t take the test, then there is a very good chance that they are trying to cover up a lie.

How To Move Forward

A polygraph test can only provide you with the truths that you seek. A test cannot tell you what you need to do in order to move on once you know the results. However, know the truth can help you move on or at least get you moving in the right direction towards a happy and productive future. Even if the results come back negative it might be entirely possible that your troubles aren’t going to end there. After all, there must have been some reasons that you thought your spouse was cheating in the first place, so you might have to seek out additional assistance.