A West Palm Beach Lie Detector Test dismisses pregnancy rumors when our client’s girlfriend is accused of being pregnant with someone else. Here is Danny’s story and how Lie Detector Test got him the truth he deserved to know.

The beginning

Danny met his girlfriend Emily when both were studying medicine at Teesside University in Middlesbrough. The couple both graduated and moved in together straight away. Danny got a job as a pharmacist manager, and Emily went on to be an assistant lab manager with a large research company.

Suspicions start

Danny recalls how during the outbreak of Covid, Emily was working overtime. Her company were researching into vaccines and treatments for Covid, and therefore Emily often slept nearby to the lab. He said that after the worst of the pandemic and after the successful release of vaccinations, he thought things between the couple would be better. At first, Danny thought the distance between the couple was due to them both being extremely tired and suffering post-traumatic stress from the demands of their jobs in the pandemic.


However, things became worse between the couple with constant arguments breaking out, and Emily leaving to live with her sister for a week. Whilst Emily was gone, Danny got a call at the door one evening. A guy who worked with Emily, Marc, called round and told Danny that he had slept with Emily, and she had just told him she was pregnant. Marc said he had no idea she had a boyfriend she lived with but found out from a colleague at work and felt awful about the situation.

Time for an Lie Detector Test

Angry and upset, Danny didn’t call Emily straight away. Instead, he rang his best friend, Liam. Liam advised him to try and trust Emily because Marc could be trying to break them up for his own sake. Liam suggested that Danny asked Emily to take a polygraph test. He sent a booking link for Lie Detector Test’s services. Danny booked a combined optical scan with polygraph test and rang Emily to tell her what had happened. Emily told Danny that Marc was lying, and she hadn’t cheated on him, and wasn’t pregnant.

The results

The couple turned up to our Darlington office a week later and Emily took her lie detector test. The results showed that she was lying. Emily broke down and asked to speak to Danny. She immediately told Danny that Marc was telling the truth, but that sleeping with him had been a one-night thing and a huge mistake. Danny said he forgave Emily for what she had done, but he would only be there to support her as a friend from now on. He moved out a week later and thanked Lie Detector Test for their help in his case.

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