A Tallahassee Lie Detector Test recently proved company theft. Our client Freya suspected her employee Adam guilty of stealing equipment from her wedding styling business. Here is Freya’s story and how Lie Detector Test UK got her the answers she needed to know.

The beginning

Freya has owned her own Tallahassee based wedding business since leaving university. After the pandemic caused chaos in cancelled weddings, Freya found a sudden increase in clients when the pandemic eased again. Freya decided she needed an assistant to help her. She put an advert out online and in a local newspaper for someone to join her on a part time basis. To her delight, Adam answered her advert and just two weeks later he started as her assistant. Freya adored Adam and the pair soon became good friends as well as work colleagues.

Suspicions start

Freya recalls how she started to have suspicions about Adam when the company moved to a new studio. Freya had a delay in the signing of the studio contract, so the move was delayed by three weeks. This meant Freya was away on holiday when the move happened. She decided to leave Adam in charge of the move. The pair packed up as much props and equipment as they could before Freya had to go away. When Freya returned, she decided to go through her stock records and update the website.


When Freya started to update her stock records, she found multiple items were unaccounted for. It was just the odd vase, odd photo frame or small items that seemed to be missing by one or two pieces. Confused what had happened she decided to check that Adam hadn’t listed the items incorrectly. She called Adam into the office and he sat and went through the stock take with her. He agreed something wasn’t right, but said perhaps some items had been broken in transit and blamed the moving company.

Time for a lie detector test

However, a week later Freya received a Facebook message from her best friend Milly. Milly sent her multiple links to items for sale on a Tallahassee Facebook Marketplace that looked identical to the items she was missing. Freya had told Milly about the nightmare at work when they had gone for a drink one night. Milly was shocked and remembered certain items that were missing, hence sending the links when she saw similar items for sale online. Freya’s heart sunk as she immediately recognised the items were all the ones she was missing. She knew only her and Adam had access to the studio and the rental equipment. She rang Milly and Milly advised her to book a lie detector test as it was a clear way to prove Adam guilty without things becoming nasty. Freya took Milly’s advice and rang Lie Detector Test later that day, to book a lie detector test on behalf of Adam.

The results

When Adam turned up to work the next day, Freya told him she had booked him a lie detector test that she wanted him to take on his lunch break that day. He turned up to our Newcastle office and took his lie detector test. The results showed he had been lying about the moving company damaging the items in question. When he got back to the office, he confessed to Freya he had taken the items and tried selling them on marketplace to earn extra cash for debts he had ran up on his credit card during the pandemic. Freya dismissed Adam and said she couldn’t trust him again. She told Adam if he returned the items and the money that he had made from selling the others, she wouldn’t press charges. Adam paid her back and bought the remaining items and apologised. Freya said she couldn’t thank Lie Detector Test UK enough for their help in her case and said thanks to us she can now continue business and has an assistant who she trusts.

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