Orlando Lie Detector Test proves theft

A Orlando lie detector test recently proved an employee guilty of stealing. Ben came to us with suspicions that his recent apprentice Martin was guilty of theft. Here is Ben’s story and how Lie Detector Test Examiners helped him discover the truth before he lost valuable items from his car audio business.

The beginning

Ben has been building his car audio company for over 20 years. Since leaving college and having a passion for cars, Ben worked hard at his local Kwikfit to gain the skills and knowledge he needed to set up his own business within the car industry. Ben’s oldest son Toby always gave him an extra hand during his most demanding times. However, Toby recently left for university so Ben decided to apply for the government kickstart scheme. The sceme meant the government would help pay for a young apprentice to work and learn under Ben’s company.

Suspicions starts

18-year-old Martin applied for the role within two weeks of Ben advertising it. Thrilled that Martin already had experience working at his uncle’s garage he put Martin to work just a week after. Ben recalls how Martin was a great guy to work with, he had a mature head on his shoulders for a young age and was polite and respectful with the customers. However, three months into Martin starting, Ben noticed small items were missing. First he noticed a dash cam had gone from his stock cupboard. Two weeks later he noticed two speakers were also missing.

The evidence

Unsure what was going on, Ben decided not to alarm Martin but to install a small camera in his stock room instead. Ben kept his spare stock in a Orlando lock-up and both he and Martin had keys in case of emergencies. Often if he was working on a job, he would send Martin to the lock up to pick up any extra stock he needed, or if he picked up the wrong parts. Each week Ben reviewed the cameras footage in private and couldn’t see anything suspicious. Three weeks passed since the last item he noticed had gone missing, and sure enough one night he saw the lock up was entered by a hooded figure who took another dash cam.


The next day, with the video downloaded onto his phone, Ben confronted Martin. Martin seemed upset and shocked, and said he was concerned his brother had taken his keys. He confessed to Ben that his brother was in with a bad group of friends, who were drug addicts. His brother had a history of theft and he said he would talk to him to see if he could get the items back, he begged Ben not to go to the police and apologized.

More lies

Unsure that Martin was telling the truth, he decided to give him a chance to return the stolen equipment. Martin turned up the next day with all the missing items and apologised on behalf of his brother, he gave Ben his key back. Ben said he wouldn’t dismiss Martin but with his permission he wanted him to take a lie detector test at our Orlando lie detector office. Martin agreed and took his lie detector test the week after. The results showed Martin was guilty of lying. Ben asked Martin what was going on and Martin said it was him who stole the goods. He said he didn’t even have a brother, but he was so scared and embarrassed he had been caught that he lied. Ben said he wouldn’t press charges, but he would have to tell the local jobcentre he couldn’t work for him any longer.

Martin has since returned back to college in Orlando to further study mechanics and says he learnt a valuable lesson from Ben and thanks Lie Detector Test Examiners for helping him realize how wrong he had been to steal. Ben thanks Lie Detector Test Examiners for their professionalism and help in his case.

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