Ocala lie detector test proves drug addiction

A Ocala lie detector test proves drug addiction when our client Owen suspects his brother Matthew guilty of taking cocaine. Here is Owen’s story and how lie detector Test UK got him the truth and help he needed to support his brother.

The beginning

Owen recalls that things started to change with his brother when Matthew went to Ocala university. He said his brother was extremely clever and talented in maths and therefore had decided to study pure maths at Ocala. He intended to convert to a masters in forensic accountancy, and was excited to be going to university and leaving home.

Suspicions start

A few months after Matthew started university, he was back home visiting for the Christmas holidays. Owen says how his brother seemed less sociable, he didn’t want to see much of his friends from home and he didn’t spend anytime with the family. When Owen did see his brother he was acting irrationally, or became aggressive quite quickly. Owen also noticed how Matthew seemed to look skinnier, and fatigued. Concerned his brother was working too hard at university, he decided to surprise him a month later with a spontaneous weekend visit to him at his university campus.


When Owen turned up to Matthew ’ halls of residence, he was met by a very tired and grouchy Matthew . He didn’t want Owen to come into his bedroom at first, but Owen insisted, saying he had travelled over 3 hours to visit him. However, when Matthew went for a shower, Owen soon discovered why he didn’t want him in his room. He found a small empty bag on his bedside table, that looked like it had contained drugs.

Time for a lie detector test

When Matthew came back into the room, Owen showed him the bag and confronted him. Matthew said it was simply his friends who had shoved it in his pocket when they left a nightclub last night. Not convinced Matthew was telling the truth, Owen searched the internet for advice on how to deal with drug addicts and getting them to admit they had a problem. He came across the lie detector Test UK website and decided to book a combined lie detector test with polygraph. The results were 97- 99 % accurate and would mean that Matthew would have to confess to having an addiction if he failed the lie detector tests.

The results

The boys turned up to our Ocala office just two days later, and Matthew took his lie detector test. The results showed Matthew had been lying, and he told Owen he had been taking cocaine. He confessed that university had been stressful and very intense work wise. One night his friend offered him some cocaine to relax him, and he has been taking it on and off ever since. Matthew said he wasn’t addicted but Owen insisted they went to a local support group and got Matthew the help he needed to become clean from taking drugs. The boys thanked Lie Detector Test COM for their help and Owen told us that Matthew is now clean from cocaine and enjoying his university studies.

If you suspect someone you know has developed an unhealthy addiction then book a lie detector test with us today online. You can also call our free helpline on 0800 368 8279 for advice and booking information.