A Hialeah Lie Detector recently proved an affair. Our client Daniel suspected his wife Caroline had been having an affair with her golf teacher. Here is Daniel’s story and how Lie Detector Test team got him the truth he deserved.

The beginning

Daniel and Caroline met back in 2010 and got married in 2013. Daniel met Caroline when he moved into a flat next door to her. The couple shared a love of golfing, and Daniel went away regularly on golf weekends with his friends. Caroline had always wanted to develop her love of the sport but struggling to find friends who wanted to play golf, she often went to the driving range.

Suspicions start

After the pandemic hit, Caroline decided it was time to meet new people and play golf properly. She decided to invest in some coaching lessons to help improve her game, and as a way of meeting new people at her golf club. Daniel and Caroline both signed up to a new golf club together and Caroline started her lessons. However, just two months into her lessons, Daniel suspected that Caroline was flirting with her coach.

The lessons

One day Daniel collected Caroline from her lesson as her car had to go for an MOT. When Daniel arrived at the golf club he was surprised to see Caroline leaving her coaches car. He caught sight of a close embrace, and thought Caroline looked slightly flustered. Daniel knew he was slightly earlier than planned, but he still didn’t know why Caroline would need to be in the car with her coach and not in the clubhouse if they had finished the lesson.


During their journey home, Daniel asked Caroline why she was in her coaches car. She sounded angry and defensive when she told Daniel it was nothing to worry about. Caroline told Daniel she felt he was always “spying” on her and she couldn’t have any friends. She explained that coach had become a good friend of hers and whatever Daniel saw was simply friendship.

Time for a lie detector test

Still not convinced by Caroline’s response and concerned that she became defensive when questioned, Daniel rang his brother Charlie for advice. Charlie told Daniel aboutLie Detector Test team and how their lie detector service in Hialeah had helped him when he suspected his wife had been having an affair. Daniel booked a lie detector test online withLie Detector Test team and told Caroline later that evening he wanted her to take a polygraph test. Caroline agreed and said she had nothing to hide from him.

The results

Daniel and Caroline turned up to our Hialeah office a few days later and Caroline took her lie detector test. The results showed she was lying. Caroline immediately confessed to Daniel that she had been having an affair with her coach. She said how Daniel had become distant during lockdown and she felt lonely. Caroline admitted that at first it was harmless flirting and she had enjoyed the attention. However, as time went on she had become close to her coach the last few months. Her and her coach had been seeing eachother outside of the golf lessons too and Caroline said she wanted a divorce.

The future

Daniel was completely shocked by the news, but relieved he now knew the truth. He and Caroline are now separated, with Caroline now living with her coach. Daniel told Lie Detector Test team he is now working on himself and is having counselling to help cope with the divorce. He says he is feeling much better and enjoying single life. Daniel thanked Lie Detector Test team for their professionalism and help in his case, he is grateful he found out the truth before he spent anymore time being deceived in a loveless marriage.

If you suspect your partner guilty of cheating then book a lie detector test with us today online. You can also call our free helpline on 0800 368 8000 for advice and booking information.