A Fort Lauderdale Lie Detector Test confirms company theft when our client Max came to us suspecting his employee guilty of stealing. Here is Max’s story and how Lie Detector Test found him the truth he deserved to know.

The beginning

Max’s pet store business thrived during lockdown when he decided to launch online. Due to the boom in people buying pets during the pandemic, his online sales grew rapidly. He decided to hire someone part time to help with listing products and managing stock levels with the online side of the business whilst he focused on the shop.

Suspicions start

Max put an advert out in the local newspaper and received lots of response. He found a suitable candidate and hired him just two weeks later after advertising. The new member of staff was 22-years-old and called Mark. Mark seemed vigilant and reliable, and he immediately got on well with Max. However, two months later things took a turn when Max kept suspecting that Mark was stealing items from the stock room. He noticed that stock seemed to be going down quicker than the online sales, including items such as grooming sets, luxury pet feed and collars and accessories.


A week after noticing the changes, Max got a call from his sister Harriet who told him she had seen similar items to his store items on Facebook Marketplace. She said the account selling them didn’t have a profile picture and was called “J Dog” which seemed suspicious and weird. Max told her he had suspected Mark was taking stock, and after looking at the items she sent him on Facebook he was sure it was Mark selling them.

Time for an Lie Detector Test

Two days later when Mark returned to work from his holiday, Max confronted him and showed him the Facebook profile selling the pet items. Mark denied any knowledge or involvement of items missing and said he didn’t know who owned the profile. Max decided he would look up his options online and found the Lie Detector Test website. He booked a lie detector test online on behalf of Mark and told him he wanted him to take it two days later in our Lie Detector Test office.

The results

Mark agreed to take the test and said he had nothing to hide. The pair turned up to our Fort Lauderdale office and Mark took his polygraph test. The results showed that he was lying and he confessed to Max that he had been stealing and selling the items. He agreed he would pay Max back in full if he didn’t press any charges against him. Mark broke down crying and said he had ran up debts during the pandemic and needed the extra money to clear his credit cards and loans. Max agreed that they would sort a re-payment plan that meant he could still pay off his debts as well. He thanked Lie Detector Test for their time and professionalism in his case.

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