A Cape Coral lie detector test proved an affair when our client Veronica came to us suspecting her husband Dan guilty of cheating. Here is Veronica’s story and how liedetectortest.com helped her find the truth she deserved.

The beginning

Veronica and Dan met when Veronica was working as an intern at a Cape Coral newspaper. Veronica was finishing her journalism degree at Cape Coral University, and Dan was a junior writer for the paper. After a year of dating, the pair moved in together as soon as Veronica graduated. Two years later, the young couple got married and have been together for four years happily married.

Suspicions start

Things became hard for the couple when Veronica graduated from Cape Coral and got her first job. The job was with a lifestyle and fashion magazine and meant Veronica would be traveling frequently. Veronica recalls how Dan was super excited for Veronica, but the couple started to drift apart with her being away so often. However, when lockdown happened with the pandemic last year, things became even worse. Initially relieved that the pandemic meant more time together now Veronica was working remotely, Veronica became concerned when the couple actually started arguing more. The confinement had them arguing more and more and Veronica decided to move in with her parents for two weeks as a break from the unhappy situation.


When Veronica arrived back to her home with Dan in Cape Coral, she decided she would try and make an effort by helping catch up with the washing that Dan had let pile up. She felt it would be a nice gesture to help before he got home from work that day. However, she started to load up his washing from the bedroom, only to find a lacy red bra. She knew this wasn’t hers, and was immediately angry. She rang Dan but Dan argued that he had bought her a new set and he must have got it tidied up in his washing by mistake.

Time for a lie detector test

Veronica rang her sister Mandy and told her about what she had found. Mandy told her to waste no more time and to book a combined lie detector test and polygraph test. She recommended liedetectortest.com after we helped her resolve a family feud a few months before. That afternoon, Veronica rang our lie detector test office and booked a polygraph test (up to 97% – 99 % accuracy) for Dan to take two days later.

The results

When Dan got home she told him she had booked the lie detector test and he agreed to take it. Two days later the couple turned up at our polygraph Cape Coral office and Dan took his test. The results showed he was lying. Dan confessed to Veronica that he had cheated on her whilst she had been away from her parents. He said that it was a drunken mistake and he wanted to go to couples counseling with Veronica. Veronica was hurt and said she needed time apart, but agreed to couples counseling. She thanked liedetectortest.com for their professionalism and help in finding her the truth.

If you suspect a friend or partner of lying or cheating, then book a lie detector test with us today online. You can also call our free helpline on 0800 368 1234 for advice and booking information.