A Pompano Beach Lie Detector Test recently helped our client Sandra squish rumors that she was cheating on her boyfriend Paul. Here is Sandra’s story and how Lie Detector Test got her the proof she needed to show she was innocent.

The beginning

Sandra met Paul when she was on a night out in Pompano Beach for her friend’s 30th birthday. Paul was on a night out with his football team and the couple immediately hit it off. A week later after texting back and forth they went on their first date, and have now been dating for three years.

Suspicions start

Things started to fall apart for the couple when Paul went to the pub one Friday night with his friends. The bartender was a mutual friend of the couple’s and he knew Paul well from school. He was chatting to Paul and let slip that he had heard the couple were on a break, due to Sandra cheating on Paul. Paul told him he wasn’t sure where he had the rumors but that they weren’t true.


Deciding to ignore the comments made by his friend, Paul didn’t confront Sandra over the rumor. However, a few weeks later the couple started to argue more and Sandra says Paul became very distant. Sandra decided to have a break and went for a drink with her friend down at the same pub. The friend was bartending again and he told Sandra he needed to apologize to her. He confessed he had told Paul some rumors about Sandra that hadn’t been true and he was worried that Paul might have believed them.

The test

That evening when Sandra got home, she told Paul about her chat with their friend. He admitted he had been told the rumors and now that they had been arguing more, he was worried the rumors were actually true. Paul told Sandra he had noticed how she had also been on her phone more, and hiding the screen away from him or acting suspiciously with it. Sandra decided to look online for advice on what to do, now worried Paul didn’t trust her at all. She came across the Lie Detector Test UK website and decided to book a Lie Detector Test in Pompano Beach as she could take the test during her lunch break the following day.

The results

Sandra turned up to our Pompano Beach office and took her test on her lunch break. She got her results which proved she hadn’t cheated on Paul and thanked the Lie Detector Test team for their help in her case. She went home that evening and told Paul about her test and showed him her results. Paul apologized for doubting her and admitted it had been playing on his mind. The couple is now stronger than ever and has both contacted Lie Detector Test examiners to say how they would recommend the service to anyone suffering from allegations and trust issues.

If you suspect your partner is guilty of cheating on you then why not book a Lie Detector Test with us today online. You can also call our free helpline on 0800 368 1234 for advice and booking information.