The Backstory

When Lorra approached our Pompano Beach team with her disturbing tale of workplace harassment, we knew our expertise in lie detection could potentially assist her. Here is Lorra’s journey to justice, assisted by Lie Detector Test Pompano Beach.

New Beginnings

After spending eight years at a previous firm with no advancement, Lorra landed a coveted senior chartered accountant position at a new accountancy firm in Pompano Beach. She eagerly accepted the offer three weeks post-interview, eager for a fresh start.

Initial Days and Sudden Shift

Initially, the environment seemed perfect; her responsibilities matched her skills, and her colleagues were welcoming. But eight months later, the atmosphere changed dramatically when her boss’s son, Mark, joined the firm as a partner.

The Dark Turn

Mark’s advances were clear from the start. Despite Lorra’s efforts to dismiss his flirtatious comments, he persisted. One evening, while Lorra was engrossed in her work, Mark took advantage of the empty office. He attempted to force himself upon her, both verbally and physically. Shaken and traumatized, Lorra pushed him away, but not before he could throw a derogatory remark at her.

Seeking Justice

Devastated, Lorra knew she had to act. She consulted HR the following day and lodged a formal complaint. But given Mark’s influence in the company, Lorra worried her words wouldn’t be enough. She had read about the validity of lie detector tests in supporting such claims and decided it was a route worth pursuing. With an HR representative in tow, she visited our Pompano Beach facility for a combined lie detector and polygraph test.

Truth Revealed

The outcome was unequivocal: Lorra was truthful. The HR representative, after witnessing the results, expressed her support and confirmed the initiation of a legal case against Mark. Grateful for the lie detector’s role in her case, the firm promptly suspended Mark. They’ve since offered Lorra comprehensive support, including counseling, as she navigates the legal aftermath.

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