The Georgia Polygraph Association (GPA), established on February 26, 1986, represents a dedicated group of polygraph examiners within Georgia, committed to the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, and integrity in the field. The association was reactivated in 1997, following a period of dormancy due to legislative changes affecting the polygraph profession. Today, the GPA plays a crucial role in fostering a community of polygraph professionals through education, training, and support, while also advocating for the advancement and proper regulation of the polygraph industry.

Membership within the GPA is categorized into Full, Intern, and Affiliate memberships, each with specific requirements tailored to ensure members maintain the professional standards expected by the association. Full members, for example, are required to have completed formal education in polygraphy and an internship, among other qualifications, to ensure they are well-prepared to uphold the association’s high standards in their practice.

The GPA is governed by a set of bylaws that outline the objectives, membership criteria, officer roles, and committee structures that ensure the smooth operation of the association. These bylaws also include provisions for maintaining ethical standards and professional conduct among members, reinforcing the association’s commitment to integrity in the polygraph profession.

The association is active in providing its members with opportunities for continuing education and professional development, including training seminars and certification programs. These initiatives not only enhance the skills and knowledge of GPA members but also contribute to the overall quality and reliability of polygraph testing within the state of Georgia.

The GPA’s commitment to ethical standards, professional development, and community support makes it a pivotal organization within Georgia’s polygraph community. Through its efforts, the GPA continues to promote the responsible use of polygraph testing and the advancement of the profession, ensuring its members are recognized for their expertise and dedication to truth and justice.