The Maryland Polygraph Association (MPA) stands as a beacon of professionalism and ethical standards within the polygraph community. Established to advance the science and application of polygraph testing, the MPA brings together polygraph examiners from various sectors including law enforcement, government, and private practice.

Foundational Objectives and Membership

The core objectives of the MPA revolve around promoting the polygraph profession through rigorous standards for ethics, education, and examiner qualifications. These objectives are aimed at fostering a broad and liberal use of polygraph testing to enhance social welfare and public trust.

Membership is inclusive, extending an invitation to all qualified polygraph examiners who adhere to the guidelines set by the American Polygraph Association. This inclusive approach ensures a diverse and rich membership base, contributing to the collective knowledge and professionalism of the association.

Commitment to Standards

The MPA is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of professional conduct among its members. This commitment is reflected in the association’s by-laws, which outline the ethical and professional responsibilities of members. These standards are not just guidelines but are central to the association’s mission to ensure that polygraph testing is conducted with the utmost integrity and reliability.

Educational Initiatives

One of the MPA’s key objectives is to promote continuous learning and improvement among its members. Through seminars, training sessions, and the dissemination of research findings, the MPA ensures that its members are at the forefront of polygraph testing techniques and technologies. This commitment to education helps to maintain the profession’s credibility and effectiveness.

Public Trust and Employment

The MPA encourages the public and government agencies to utilize the services of its members, who are committed to the ethical standards and professional conduct required by the association. This trust is built on the association’s rigorous membership criteria and its dedication to advancing the polygraph profession.

Engagement and Accessibility

The MPA is not just a professional body but also a community of polygraph examiners committed to advancing their field. The association fosters engagement among its members and the wider community through its accessible board members and open channels of communication. For those seeking more information about polygraph testing in Maryland or the association itself, the MPA remains a valuable resource.

In Summary

The Maryland Polygraph Association embodies the principles of professionalism, ethics, and continuous improvement within the polygraph profession. By fostering a community of dedicated and qualified examiners, the MPA ensures that polygraph testing remains a reliable and respected tool in the pursuit of truth and justice.