Exploring the Indiana Polygraph Association: A Pillar of Professionalism in Lie Detection

The Indiana Polygraph Association (IPA) has been a key player in the field of polygraphy since its inception in 1971. Its history and activities paint a picture of an organization deeply committed to the advancement and ethical application of polygraph techniques.

Formation and Evolution

Founded on the campus of Butler University in Indianapolis, the IPA began as a collective effort of polygraphists gathered for a training seminar. This group aimed to provide meaningful training and facilitate the exchange of ideas and information related to the polygraph profession. Over the years, the association has grown significantly, now comprising over fifty active members from across Indiana and neighboring states. The IPA has evolved from an informal group into a professional body, adapting to changes and advancements in polygraph technology and methods.

Core Objectives and Activities

The purpose of the IPA is multifaceted:

  1. Uniting Polygraph Examiners: The association focuses on bringing together polygraph examiners for continuous collaborative efforts.
  2. Promoting New Techniques: A key aim is to encourage the dissemination of innovative ideas, methods, and techniques to enhance the skills and proficiency of polygraph examiners.
  3. Upholding High Standards: The IPA is committed to achieving the highest degree of proficiency and ethics in polygraph examinations.
  4. Encouraging Professional Development: It emphasizes the importance of participating in training programs and seminars for continuous professional growth.
  5. Advocacy and Ethics: The association upholds its code of ethics and supports the proposed licensing act for polygraph examiners in Indiana.

Membership and Meetings

Membership in the IPA requires fulfilling stringent criteria, including a background check and training at an accredited polygraph school. The IPA typically convenes biannually in Indianapolis, offering seminars that contribute to the continuing education requirements of polygraph examiners. These meetings are not just educational but also provide a platform for discussing current developments in the field and exchanging valuable information among professionals.

Partnership with Lafayette Instrument Company

A notable aspect of the IPA’s operations is its relationship with the Lafayette Instrument Company, a significant provider of polygraph instruments. This partnership ensures that IPA members have access to the latest equipment and software updates, facilitating the adoption of modern polygraph techniques.


The Indiana Polygraph Association stands as a testament to the commitment and dedication of polygraph professionals in Indiana. Its focus on professional development, ethical practice, and technological advancement has significantly contributed to the field of polygraphy. The IPA’s journey from a small group of dedicated individuals to a robust professional organization mirrors the evolving landscape of polygraphy itself, reflecting the dynamic nature of this specialized discipline.

For more information on the Indiana Polygraph Association, its history, purpose, and activities, visit their official website: Indiana Polygraph Association.

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