The Colorado Association of Polygraph Examiners (CAPE) is a distinguished organization dedicated to enhancing the proficiency and integrity of the polygraph profession within Colorado. Established under the principles of scientific training, ethics, and professional development, CAPE serves as a cornerstone for polygraph examiners in the state, promoting a culture of excellence and ethical practice.

Objectives and Ethical Standards

At its core, CAPE is committed to the development of high standards of proficiency in polygraphy. This is achieved through the encouragement of scientific training, education, and research, alongside the advancement of progressive techniques. CAPE’s objectives are deeply rooted in the promotion and maintenance of ethical standards, integrity, honor, and conduct within the profession, providing a platform for the exchange of polygraph experiences, studies, and research. The association also emphasizes cooperation with various organizations to foster a sense of total professionalism among its members.

Code of Ethics

CAPE upholds a strict Code of Ethics that mandates the highest standard of moral, ethical, and professional conduct. This code ensures that members respect the dignity of all individuals, conduct their duties with independence and integrity, and remain free from personal, financial, or other extraneous influences. The association also discourages false or misleading advertising and emphasizes the importance of fair remuneration for services rendered, ensuring that examinations are conducted only with express permission and full disclosure to concerned parties.

Membership and Governance

CAPE offers various classes of membership including Active, Honorary, Associate, Lifetime, and Inactive, catering to different levels of engagement and expertise within the field. The governance of CAPE is entrusted to a Board of Directors comprising elected officers such as the President, Vice-Presidents representing different sectors within the polygraph community, and other key positions like the Secretary and Treasurer. The Board is responsible for the administration of the association’s affairs, ensuring adherence to the constitution and bylaws.

Standards of Practice

CAPE sets forth comprehensive Standards of Practice that guide the conduct of polygraph examinations. These standards emphasize the primary responsibility of examiners to seek the truth impartially and to protect the rights and confidentiality of examinees. The association mandates the use of instruments capable of recording multiple physiological responses and requires examiners to obtain written consent from examinees before conducting tests. Furthermore, CAPE advocates for the professional development of examiners, requiring the submission of polygraph examinations for review to ensure proficiency and adherence to established practices.

Community and Professional Development

CAPE not only serves as a regulatory body but also as a community for polygraph professionals in Colorado. Through semiannual meetings, the association offers opportunities for members to engage, share knowledge, and stay updated on the latest developments in polygraphy. The association’s commitment to professional development is evident in its Quality Control Committee, which reviews new applicants’ work to ensure high standards are met, and its Ethics and Grievance Committee, which addresses any ethical concerns within the profession.

In conclusion, the Colorado Association of Polygraph Examiners embodies the highest standards of professionalism and ethics in the polygraph field. Through its commitment to education, ethical practice, and professional development, CAPE ensures that its members are equipped to conduct polygraph examinations with integrity and competence, contributing to the credibility and advancement of the profession in Colorado and beyond.