The Arizona Polygraph Association (AZPA), established in 1973 and revised in 1997, is a professional body committed to enhancing the polygraph industry’s standards, testing protocols, and ethics. With a focus on serving truth with integrity and fairness, the AZPA aims to elevate the polygraph examiner’s role through rigorous training, research, and ethical practices.

Objectives and Purpose

The AZPA’s mission is multifaceted, aiming to serve truth, encourage research, provide education, and ensure the ethical conduct of its members. By creating a platform for information exchange and upholding high standards of practice, the AZPA seeks to foster professional growth among polygraph examiners and educate the community about polygraphy’s value and applications.

Code of Ethics

Members of the AZPA pledge to uphold the highest standards of professional conduct, respecting human dignity and ensuring their actions and decisions are free from personal or financial biases. This commitment to ethical practice extends to refraining from misleading advertisements and public criticisms of fellow members, thereby promoting a supportive and respectful professional environment.

Membership Classes

The AZPA offers various membership classes, including Member, Intern, Associate, Honorary, and Life Member, each with specific eligibility criteria. This inclusive approach allows a broad spectrum of professionals with an interest in polygraphy, from students to seasoned experts, to contribute to and benefit from the association’s resources and initiatives.

Governance and Structure

The AZPA is governed by a Board of Directors, including elected officers such as the President, Vice-Presidents, Secretary, and Treasurer. These officers are responsible for the association’s administration and the implementation of its objectives and ethical standards. The structure ensures democratic leadership and the effective management of the association’s activities and goals.


Several standing committees, including the Membership Committee, the Committee on Standards and Ethics, and others, play crucial roles in maintaining the association’s standards. These committees are tasked with tasks ranging from membership vetting, ethical oversight, financial auditing, research, training, legislative monitoring, and constitutional review, ensuring the AZPA’s dynamic and responsive governance.

Commitment to Professional Development

Through training seminars, research initiatives, and collaborative efforts, the AZPA is dedicated to advancing the polygraph profession. By providing educational opportunities and fostering an environment of continuous learning, the association ensures its members are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills in polygraphy.

Legislative Advocacy

The AZPA actively engages in legislative advocacy, aiming to influence polygraph regulation and standards within Arizona and beyond. This proactive stance ensures that the polygraph profession is recognized and regulated, enhancing its credibility and reliability.

Community and Ethical Standards

The AZPA’s commitment to community building and ethical standards sets a benchmark for professional conduct in the polygraph industry. By emphasizing integrity, fairness, and respect, the association promotes a positive image of polygraphy, contributing to its acceptance and application in various fields.

In conclusion, the Arizona Polygraph Association stands as a pillar of professional excellence and ethical practice in the polygraph industry. Through its comprehensive objectives, ethical code, diverse membership, and active committees, the AZPA fosters a culture of integrity, collaboration, and continuous improvement among polygraph professionals in Arizona and beyond.

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