Orlando Lie Detector Test dismisses theft rumors

A Orlando Lie Detector Test recently dismissed theft rumors when our client Emma came to us suspecting her employee Olivia guilty of stealing from her. Here is Emma’s story and how Lie Detector Test team got her the answers she deserved.

Orlando antique shop

Emma opened up her own Antique’s shop after her online business became extremely busy during lockdown. She was super excited for the new adventure, but still worked part time so decided she needed a shop assistant two days a week. Soon after advertising, Emma met Olivia at a local antiques fair. Olivia was enthusiastic and knew a lot about a variety of antiques, so Emma ask her if she would be keen to take the part time role at her shop. Olivia agreed and started a week later.

Suspicions start

Olivia was getting on super well with customers, and ran the shop with no problems on Emma’s days off. However, two months into opening the shop, Emma started to suspect that items were going missing. Emma decided to install fake video cameras to deter thieves from the shop. She knew there were a lot of small items, and these are the items that seemed to be going missing. Even though the fake video cameras were installed, items kept going missing and it seemed to be on the days when Emma wasn’t in the shop.


Emma decided to take a day off her work, and surprise visit Olivia at the shop. She turned up in the morning, but to her surprise she couldn’t find Olivia. She decided to grab a coffee and ring Olivia to check if she was out, however on her way to the local coffee shop she saw Olivia exiting a local porn brokers. Confused she decided not to say anything until she got back to the shop. She bought Olivia a coffee and asked why she had shut the shop earlier. Olivia said she was sorry but she had received news her brother wasn’t well and needed surgery. She said she had taken some of her jewellery for cash to put into her brother’s bank account so he could afford private surgery.

The lie detector test

Emma was unsure if Olivia was telling the truth. She knew things had been going missing from the shop, and now couldn’t help feel it was too much of a coincidence that Olivia was also spotted in the porn brokers. She decided to research her options online on what to do and came across Lie Detector Tes blog. Emma read about a similar story and decided to book a polygraph test online. Emma read how a polygraph test resulted in a 97% – 99% accuracy result. She decided this test was best and told Olivia the next day at work about her concerns and booking the lie detector test. Olivia was shocked but understood her asking her to take the test, so she agreed.

The results

A week later both Olivia and Emma showed up to our Orlando polygraph office. Olivia took her lie detector test and the results showed that she was telling the truth. She said she understood Emma’s concerns but that she had been telling the truth about her brother. Emma apologised profusely to Olivia and said she still wanted her to work for her, as long as Olivia didn’t mind. Olivia said she loved working for Emma and she had no harsh feelings towards her employer. Both Emma and Olivia thank Lie Detector Test for their professionalism and help in their case and now enjoy a happy and trusting working relationship together.

If you suspect an employee guilty of stealing from you then why not book a lie detector test with us today online. You can also call our free helpline on 0800 368 0000 for advice and booking information.


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