A Naples Lie Detector Test was recently used to prove our client innocent of cheating allegations. Stephen came to us when an ex-employee of his told his wife that she had been sleeping with him. Here is Stephen’s story and how the Lie Detector Test helped dismiss rumours and save Stephen’s marriage.

The beginning

The issues began when Stephen decided that his secretary, Lisa, was being unprofessional. After working from home in lockdown, when the offices re-opened Stephen found Lisa’s attitude to be rude and dismissive. He had a few clients at his law firm report her. Finally, after giving an official warning, Stephen dismissed Lisa from working for him.


Two months later, Stephen returned home to be confronted by Rosa, his wife, who was in floods of tears. She told Stephen she had received a Facebook message from Lisa claiming that Stephen fired her because they were having an affair.

Time for an Lie Detector test

Stephen told Lisa that there was nothing going on, and he read the messages. He said he didn’t know how to prove to her that Lisa was lying but he would. Later that evening Kevin turned to the internet for help and came across the Lie Detector Test website. He read our blog on how polygraph testing had helped multiple cases including false allegations. Stephen booked his polygraph test online that evening.

The results

Three days later Stephen came to our Naples office with Rosa. He took his lie detector test and the results proved he was telling the truth. Rosa immediately apologised for not believing him, but Stephen told her it was ok. The couple both thanked Lie Detector Test for clearing their issue up.

If you suspect your partner guilty of cheating then book a lie detector test with us today. You can also call our free helpline on 0800 111 for advice and booking information.