A Fort Lauderdale eye detect test recently proved theft when Adam suspected his Uncle Frank guilty of stealing money. Here is Adam’s story and how liedetectortest.com got him the truth he deserved.

The beginning

Adam has always been extremely close to his Uncle Frank ever since his Dad passed away when Adam was only 14. His Uncle took on the father figure role and Adam spent most weekends either fishing, or watching the football with Frank.

Suspicions start

When Adam lost his job during the pandemic, he asked his Uncle if he could move in with him. He was worried about affording to pay the bills on his flat. His Uncle told him he was welcome to move into his spare room whilst he got back on his feet. However, three weeks after moving in with his Uncle, Adam suspected that something wasn’t right. He kept finding scratch cards stashed all over the house, and became worried that Frank had developed a gambling addiction. Furthermore, he noticed that the odd $10 note kept disappearing from his wallet.


When Adam confronted Frank about his possible gambling addiction, Frank became angry. He refused that he had a problem, and said he hadn’t been taking any money out of Adam’s wallet. Adam decided to ring his mum, Sally, about his concerns. Sally recommended Adam looked at the liedetectortest.com website after she read our blog about family feuds resolved by an eye detect test. Later that day, Adam read our blog too and decided to book a lie detector test at our Fort Lauderdale polygraph office for later in the week on behalf of Frank. He told Frank that evening when he got back from the pub, and Frank agreed to take the test because “he had nothing to hide”.

The results

Adam and Frank turned up to our lie detector office later that week and Frank took his lie detector test. The results showed Frank had failed his test. He confessed to Adam that things had been getting out of hand with his gambling. Frank told Adam how his Dad had helped him overcome his gambling addiction when they were younger, but he had slipped back into old habits. He confessed to taking over $50 cash from Adam and said he would pay it back. Adam told him not to worry, he was grateful Frank had taken him in and said he just wanted to help Frank. Adam is now supporting Frank whilst he gets professional help for his gambling addiction and thanks liedetectortest.com for their help before things got out of control with his Uncle.

If you suspect a friend or partner has developed a gambling addiction or has stolen from you, then book a lie detector test with us today online. You can also call our free helpline on 0800 368 1234 for advice and booking information.