A Fort Lauderdale eye detect test proved an affair when our client Olivia came to us suspecting her husband Dave guilty of cheating. Here is Olivia’s story and how the Lie Detector Test helped her find the truth she deserved.

The beginning

Olivia and Dave met when Olivia was working as a graphic designer at Dave’s advertising agency. Olivia was a few years younger than Dave, and at first refused his constant requests to go on a date as she didn’t want to date her boss. However, fast forward three years and the couple became married, eventually having their first child just over a year ago.

Suspicions start

Things became weird between the couple when Dave started to become close to the younger girl who started to help the couple with babysitting. Samantha was 24 and wanted extra cash when she was back from studying at university in Fort Lauderdale. Olivia understood that Dave often text Samantha as it was an easier way to communicate with her. However, one night Olivia was searching Dave’s phone for a photo she wanted, when she suddenly saw multiple sexy selfies of Samantha.


She immediately showed Dave and asked him what they were doing on his phone. Dave told her that he often used WhatsApp to message Samantha, and assumed she had sent the images and he hadn’t seen it yet as images sent automatically stored to his phone. He told Olivia he would tell Samantha the images weren’t appropriate and would stop her flirting.

Time for a lie detector test

Olivia decided to turn to the internet for help as she still didn’t trust Dave and his response. She came across liedetectortest.com and read about our private lie detector test. She decided to book the lie detector test on behalf of Dave at our Fort Lauderdale lie detector office. Dave agreed to take the test to put Olivia’s mind at ease.

The results

Both Dave and Olivia turned up to our office a few days later and Dave took his lie detector test. The test results showed that Dave was lying. He asked to speak to Olivia and immediately confessed he had cheated on her with Samantha. He said it had only been a shared kiss one evening but that he had been encouraging her on texts too. Olivia asked for space and time away from Dave and he agreed to move in with his brother for a while whilst Olivia decided what she wanted to do. Olivia contacted Lie Detector Test  to thank us for our professionalism and for finding the truth, she told us her and Dave are now moving forwards after couples counseling.

If you suspect a friend or partner of lying or cheating, then why not book a lie detector test with us today online. You can also call our free helpline on 0800 368 1234 for advice and booking information.


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