With so many providers available to us, offering the same types of services online, it can be quite overwhelming deciding on which one to use.  Finding the best Lie Detector test service is not straightforward.

Self-employed polygraph examiners working alone

There might be a single self-employed examiner locally but in a largely unregulated industry, how do you know if he or she is experienced and qualified. Are you sure the examiner is unbiased and isn’t a friend of the person who is asking you to take the test?

There is no doubt that there are exceptionally good polygraph examiners who work alone. However, when an examiner is newly qualified he or she will seek to recoup the expensive cost of their training and equipment.  Hence there is a possibility that they will seek a high quantity of clients in their initial two years of practice.  Quantity is not always quality.

The singular self-employed may also not have the most up to date equipment or be accredited by any recognised regulatory body such as the APA (American Polygraph Association).

Examiners working under the umbrella of an organisation

Unlike polygraph examiners who work for themselves, those who work for or with an established company don’t have to worry about recouping their costs. They are provided with a steady stream of work according to their specialist skills.

An ethical code of conduct is required of them by the organisation, whether employed or as an associate, in terms of their accreditation certificate.

They will also be required to complete ongoing training for their entire career whilst employed by a reputable organisation.

In addition, whenever they conduct a lie detector test the results are peer reviewed, ensuring the highest level of accuracy.

Examiners working alone are answerable only to themselves and if accredited, to the organisation that has accredited them. In their first years of practice, they invariably do not have the resources available that employed or associate examiners have.

Lie Detector Test

Naturally we believe we provide the best Lie Detector Test service but we have good reason to think so. We have an enviable reputation built over many years working within a wide range of industries.  Our client reviews speak for themselves.

When booking a test with us, we guarantee:

  • That it will be conducted by a professional, APA accredited, Forensic Psychologist
  • All tests are cross examined by a second equally qualified polygraph examiner ensuring the highest accuracy is provided
  • Examiners will use the latest technology available including hardware, software and testing techniques
  • It is compulsory for our examiners to take APA refresher courses every two years to ensure they are competent in using the most up to date technology and methodology
  • You will receive a full analytical report which includes detailed information about what has been discussed in the pre-test interview, which questions were asked about the specific issue, and whether or not deception was identified
  • You will be provided with full details of the credentials of the APA accredited , Forensic Psychologist conducting the polygraph examination
  • Our examiners are professional but also supportive and approachable

Our experienced support staff will guide you through the booking process, to establish exactly what you need from the test. Highly qualified and experienced, our support team will take you step by step through the pre-examination form to ensure you are fully informed and prepared for the test.

Lie detector test result evidence

Private polygraph examinations are largely used to settle disputes before they get to courts or tribunals.  However, this doesn’t mean that lie detector test results are inadmissible. If submitted to civil courts as part of wider evidence the judge will decide whether or not to allow them. There is more likelihood that a judge will consider them when the test has been taken voluntarily and there is corroborating evidence.

Your solicitor will mention that you have taken a test with no deception found.  This will be logged in the minds of those in court so would therefore place you in good stead.

It’s wise to consider that like many other highly professional services the cheapest is rarely the best. If something important is riding on the results it’s worth budgeting sensibly for it.

For family disputes, there is no better way to prove you are telling the truth than providing them with a complete, professional, analytical report that clearly indicates no deception was found.

The best lie detector test polygraph service

We hope this article has provided you with sufficient information on how to find the best Lie Detector Test Service. If you have further questions, please contact us for an informal, confidential discussion about your specific issue.

Uncover the Truth with a Professional Lie Detector Test – Our Carefully Vetted Examiners Ensure Your Peace of Mind.