William and Jessica’s Case

When the results were given to them, it transpired that William had allegedly cheated but Jessica hadn’t. This led to the couple separating despite William protesting his innocence.  Months later, Jessica was miserable and wished the results had turned out differently.

William was not only sad but angry.  He knew he hadn’t been guilty of infidelity and was determined to prove it. He began researching on the internet and found there were aspects of the test that didn’t appear right.

Lie detector test environment

Having the tests administered at their home seemed a great idea.  It meant they didn’t have to travel and they could be done over the weekend when they weren’t working.  However, it hadn’t been made clear to them that interruptions could affect the results.

During William’s test someone rang the doorbell and their dog barked incessantly until it was opened.  Jessica interrupted the test to tell him that someone from work needed to speak to him urgently.  At this stage a professional examiner would have stopped the test and either arranged another date or started the test again.  He did neither and continued with the polygraph examination.

There were a further three noisy occurrences during William’s test.  He was stressed by them all. He learned from his research that polygraph tests are usually conducted in controlled, secure offices where there are no distractions.  If administered at home the same environment must exist.

The ‘polygraph examiner’

The examiner seemed to be in a hurry as he said he had other appointments to get to.  William’s test took slightly longer than Jessica’s because of the interruptions.  But the two tests were completed within an hour and a half.

William learned that the average polygraph test takes around 2 hours, and that is just one test.  Another concerning issue was that the examiner’s understanding of English wasn’t great.  He had to repeat his issue with Jessica three times before the examiner understood.

His research led him to believe that he should have been asked for all the information before the examiner arrived.

A not so cheap lie detector test

William contacted us for another polygraph test at one of our offices.  He sat through over an hour of pre-test interview and had provided us with all the information we needed to formulate questions before he arrived.

The results of the test proved he had never been unfaithful to Jessica and he received a fully analysed, peer reviewed report to present to his girlfriend. He didn’t get this from the previous examiner.  He is now back on track with his girlfriend. Jessica won’t be taking another test as William has decided to trust her.  He will maybe reconsider if more suspicions arise.

The ‘polygraph examiner’ William used is no longer in business.  His website is down and William hasn’t been able to contact him on the phone number he provided.

Cheap Polygraph Service

William’s case is not the first we have had and we doubt it will be the last.  A cheap lie detector test might appeal but in reality you get what you pay for.

Professionals in any sphere of industry are not cheap.  They are highly qualified and trained individuals who work hard for their clients to provide the best service possible.

Lie Detector Test has built an enviable reputation within the Polygraph Industry.  Our examiners are accredited by the most respected polygraph organisation in the world – the American Polygraph Association.  They are all qualified in forensic psychology, criminology or other relevant discipline making them among the best in their field.

When your relationship is on the line or something really important is riding on a result, skimping on price may lead you to pay more than you need to.  In the end you’ll invariably have to get the job done professionally.