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Toronto, Ontario; Montreal, Quebec; Vancouver, British Columbia; Calgary, Alberta; Ottawa, Ontario; Edmonton, Alberta; Winnipeg, Manitoba; Quebec City, Quebec; Halifax, Nova Scotia; Hamilton, Ontario.

Welcome to the premier destination for lie detector and polygraph testing services in Canada. With a commitment to accuracy, integrity, and confidentiality, our experienced professionals provide reliable solutions for a range of needs, including employment screening, legal cases, and personal matters. Located across major cities and regions in Canada, we ensure convenient and accessible services for all our clients.

Our Expertise

Our team comprises highly trained and certified polygraph examiners who use state-of-the-art technology to deliver precise and trustworthy results. We pride ourselves on our ethical standards and the meticulous approach we take in every examination, ensuring a comfortable and respectful experience for all participants.

Services Offered

  • Legal and Forensic Testing: Supporting the legal community with comprehensive polygraph services for both criminal and civil cases.
  • Corporate Services: Enhancing workplace integrity through pre-employment screening, internal investigations, and fraud prevention.
  • Personal and Relationship Issues: Offering discreet and sensitive solutions for personal matters requiring clarity and truth.

Why Choose Us?

  • Accuracy and Reliability: Utilizing advanced polygraph techniques and equipment to ensure high accuracy rates.
  • Confidentiality Guaranteed: Upholding the strictest confidentiality protocols to protect the privacy of our clients and their information.
  • Nationwide Coverage: With locations in major Canadian cities, we offer convenient access to our services wherever you are.
  • Professional Integrity: Adhering to the highest professional and ethical standards, with examiners who are members of recognized polygraph associations.

The Process

Our polygraph testing process is thorough and transparent, designed to put participants at ease while ensuring comprehensive and accurate assessments. From the initial consultation to the detailed analysis of results, we guide our clients through each step with clear communication and support.

Contact Us

For more information or to schedule a consultation, please contact us. Our friendly team is ready to assist you with your inquiries and provide the professional support you need for peace of mind and resolution.

Discover the truth with Canada’s trusted lie detector test services. Let our expertise guide you towards clarity and confidence in any situation.

Nationwide Testing Locations

Understanding the need for accessible and convenient lie detector services across Canada, we have established testing locations in all major cities and metropolitan areas. Whether you’re seeking services for legal, corporate, or personal reasons, our facilities are equipped to provide you with the professional and discreet service you require.

Our Prime Locations:

Toronto, Ontario

In the bustling heart of Canada’s largest city, our Toronto facility offers a comprehensive suite of polygraph services. Catering to the diverse needs of this multicultural metropolis, we serve a wide range of clients, from corporate entities to private individuals.

Montreal, Quebec

Our Montreal location embraces the unique cultural and linguistic landscape of this historic city. Providing services in both English and French, we cater to Quebec’s distinct legal and corporate environments with expert polygraph testing.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Nestled between mountains and ocean, our Vancouver office specializes in serving the dynamic mix of industries and individuals that call this Pacific coast city home. From film and technology sectors to personal matters, we offer tailored polygraph solutions.

Calgary, Alberta

In the heart of Canada’s energy sector, our Calgary location provides specialized services for the oil and gas industry, as well as other corporate and personal polygraph needs. Our experts are well-versed in the unique challenges faced by Alberta’s businesses and residents.

Ottawa, Ontario

Situated in Canada’s capital, our Ottawa facility offers polygraph services that meet the high standards of federal government agencies, legal professionals, and private citizens, ensuring integrity and confidentiality in all matters.

Edmonton, Alberta

Our Edmonton office serves as a key location for polygraph testing in Northern Alberta, supporting industries, legal cases, and personal inquiries with professional and accurate lie detection services.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

In the gateway to the Canadian West, our Winnipeg location provides comprehensive polygraph services to the diverse economic sectors and communities within Manitoba, from legal and corporate to personal issues.

Quebec City, Quebec

Our Quebec City office offers polygraph testing with a focus on the unique cultural and historical heritage of this region, providing services in both official languages to accommodate the local and provincial needs.

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Serving the Atlantic region, our Halifax location delivers polygraph services to a range of maritime industries, government agencies, and private individuals, ensuring accuracy and discretion in all matters.

Hamilton, Ontario

In the industrious city of Hamilton, our facility caters to the evolving needs of both the traditional manufacturing sector and the growing technology and arts communities, providing reliable lie detector tests for all purposes.

Convenient, Accessible Service

No matter where you are in Canada, our network of lie detector test locations ensures that professional, confidential, and accurate polygraph services are never far away. Contact us to find the nearest testing facility and to schedule your appointment with one of our certified examiners.

Discover clarity and confidence with Canada’s leading polygraph testing services, available nationwide.