Please Read Carefully Before Agreeing to the Terms and Conditions

Before proceeding to the terms and conditions applicable to the polygraph examination service, it is imperative that you carefully read and understand the stipulations outlined herein. The terms and conditions constitute a legally binding agreement between you, the examinee or individual authorizing the polygraph examination, and Lie Detector Test USA Service Provider LLC, the service provider.

The information set forth in this document details your rights and obligations regarding the polygraph examination and provides important information on the procedures, requirements, and policies that will govern the service to be provided.

By consenting to these terms, you are affirming that you have been afforded the opportunity to seek independent legal advice should you wish to do so and are acting of your own volition without any undue influence or duress.

This document also outlines the financial obligations, including but not limited to the booking fee and examination fee, cancellation policy, and conditions under which the examination is to be conducted.

Your attention is particularly drawn to the following key points which will require your acknowledgment and consent:

  • Identification and Consent Requirements
  • Examination Procedures and Rules of Conduct
  • Payment Terms and Cancellation Policy
  • Data Privacy and Disclosure Provisions

Please ensure that all parties participating in the examination have been presented with these terms and conditions and have provided their consent to proceed.

Should you have any questions or require clarification on any aspect of these terms and conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us prior to acknowledging your agreement.

Terms of Booking

1.1. I hereby affirm that I, as the requesting party for the examination, have fully disclosed and presented these Terms and Conditions to all participating examinees. Furthermore, I certify that every individual scheduled to undergo the examination has been informed of its nature and has voluntarily given their informed consent to proceed.

1.2.I acknowledge and consent to the stipulation that the examinee is ineligible to participate in the examination if they have ingested alcohol, consumed illicit drugs, or engaged in the abuse of controlled substances within the 24-hour period immediately preceding the scheduled time of the test

1.3. I hereby affirm that the examinee is neither currently pregnant nor has the examinee given birth within the preceding four weeks. Furthermore, I certify that the examinee does not suffer from any cardiac conditions, which include, but are not limited to, the necessity of blood pressure medication or reliance on a pacemaker. Should any such conditions exist, it is agreed that the examinee will consult with a medical professional prior to undergoing the polygraph examination.

1.4. I hereby declare that both I, the individual commissioning the polygraph examination, and the examinee, are at least 18 years of age.

1.5. I acknowledge that for bookings made with less than 48 hours’ notice, the full fee is payable immediately upon reservation, and all standard terms and conditions herein apply without exception

1.6. The preferred date of a polygraph examination, whether reserved online or via telephone, may be subject to change due to the following contingencies:

1.6.1. Illness of either the subject scheduled for testing or the assigned examiner.

1.6.2. Unavailability of a suitable and controlled office environment that meets the necessary standards for conducting the examination.

1.6.3. Technical failure of either the information technology support systems or the polygraph equipment.

1.6.4. Other unanticipated circumstances that are not previously specified within these terms. In the event of any changes pursuant to the aforementioned conditions, we commit to ensuring that the examination will be conducted by a qualified professional within 30 business days from the initially selected test date, as agreed upon at the time of booking confirmation.

2. The Examination

2.1 Acknowledgment of Procedures and Policies:

2.1.1 Identification: I will present a valid government-issued photo identification (State ID Card, Passport, or Driver’s License) upon arrival for verification purposes.

2.1.2 Respectful Environment: Our commitment is to ensure a respectful and safe environment for our staff and clients. Any abuse, aggression, or threatening behavior toward our polygraph examiners or staff members will result in immediate termination of the examination, forfeiture of all fees paid, and loss of the opportunity to reschedule.

2.1.3 Integrity of the Examination: Any exposure to criminal activity, unethical conduct, or bribery will lead to the immediate cessation of the examination, retention of all fees paid, and a revocation of the option to rebook.

2.1.4 Countermeasures: The deployment of any countermeasures will be addressed with one warning. Subsequent attempts will terminate the examination, fees paid will be retained, and the rebooking option will be forfeited.

2.1.5 Punctuality: I agree to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled examination time. Failure to do so may result in cancellation, retention of fees, and forfeiture of the rebooking option.

2.1.6 Question Limitations: Only closed-ended, issue-specific questions are permissible. Questions regarding beliefs, opinions, or intentions are not suitable for this examination.

2.1.7 Question Count: A maximum of eight questions may be posed during the examination, with two to three being closed-ended and directly related to the issue at hand.

2.1.8 Methodology: The lie detector examination combines polygraph testing with forensic psychological analysis to assess physical indications of deception.

2.1.9 Mandatory Reporting: Instances of suspected domestic violence identified during the examination will be reported to appropriate authorities without exception.

2.1.10 Reporting Results: Upon completion, a comprehensive written report will be emailed to the individual who arranged the booking. Immediate disclosure of results on the day of the test is not standard practice unless prearranged.

2.1.11 Privacy: No third parties may attend the examination but are permitted during the pre-test interview.

2.1.12 Report Delivery: A detailed report will be emailed within 24 hours post-examination or within 48 hours via tracked mail as requested. Verbal results may be provided on the day at the examiner’s discretion or delayed if further analysis is deemed necessary.

2.1.13 Venue Requirements: If provided by the client, the examination room must be clean, sanitized, private, and equipped with necessary furnishings and power access. The examiner reserves the right to cancel the test if the environment is deemed unsuitable, with all fees retained.

3. Fees and Cancellation

3.1 The financial obligations for the polygraph examination service consist of two distinct charges:

3.1.1 Booking Fee: A compulsory, non-refundable fee of $100 is levied at the time of booking. This fixed charge is applied to the administrative costs associated with processing and validating your booking and conducting the initial examination assessment. It also serves to secure the availability for your preferred appointment dates and times.

3.1.2 Examination Fee: In addition to the booking fee, the examination fee constitutes the second financial component of the service cost. This fee varies depending on several factors, including the examination location, the number of individuals being tested, the selected date, and the availability of the examiner. The examination fee is payable directly to the examiner responsible for administering your test.

3.2 Upon receipt and confirmation of the total payment due, the exact location where your polygraph examination will take place will be revealed. The examiner assigned to your case will meet with you at the designated site to establish and go over the detailed criteria of your specific polygraph examination right before it begins. This step is crucial for maintaining our strict standards and for upholding the examination’s integrity and privacy.

3.3. By the execution of this Agreement, the undersigned expressly represents and warrants that they are the lawful cardholder of the credit or debit card utilized for the purposes of this transaction and possesses all necessary legal authority to effectuate electronic card payments utilizing said card. The undersigned hereby acknowledges and agrees that any act of processing payments through electronic means without possessing such authority shall constitute an act of fraud under applicable law. Consequently, Lie Detector Test USA explicitly disclaims any responsibility or liability for any unauthorized or fraudulent transactions. The undersigned agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Lie Detector Test USA from any claims, actions, proceedings, and damages arising from or in connection with any such unauthorized transactions.

3.4. Upon scheduling a polygraph examination, a non-refundable booking fee of $100 is required to secure your reservation. This fee confirms your commitment to the service and will be applied toward the total cost of the examination. Following the completion and acceptance of the pre-examination assessment, the remaining balance due for the polygraph test will be payable directly to the polygraph examiner assigned to conduct your session.

3.5. Upon receipt of the initial non-refundable booking fee of $100, you will be provided with the Pre-Examination Questionnaire, which will be sent to you via email and SMS. It is imperative that you complete and return this questionnaire within 24 hours to facilitate timely scheduling of your appointment. Failure to submit the questionnaire within this specified timeframe may result in the cancellation of your appointment, and the booking fee will not be refunded.

3.6 The full and remaining balance of the examination fee is required to be settled within 24 hours following the acceptance of the pre-examination assessment. Our team will contact you as a courtesy reminder as the payment deadline nears. In the event that we do not receive a response or the outstanding balance is not paid within this 24-hour period, the booking will be subject to cancellation. Please be advised that any fees paid prior to the cancellation will be non-refundable, and the opportunity to reschedule the service will be forfeited.

3.7. Any additional supporting documentation requested from us must be received with a minimum of 48 hours before the examination is due to take place. We will contact you before and at the point of this deadline. Failure to provide the required documentation will result in the cancellation of the booking. All fees paid will be retained and the option to rebook will be withdrawn.

3.8. If you wish to amend the date of your booking you must ensure you provide us with a minimum 48 hours’ notice and your new booking date must be within 30 days of your original booking date.

3.9. In any case of a cancellation the non-refundable fee detailed in Clause 3.3 can be transferred to another appointment with no loss of payment, providing that it is a minimum of 48-hours prior to the appointment. Cancellation requests are to be sent to [email protected]

3.10. Once a test has been conducted and results provided to the client no refund will be due regardless of the outcome of the results IE No Deception Indicated / Deception Indicated / Inconclusive. The results given are final.

3.11. Failure to adhere to any of the terms of this agreement will result in your examination being canceled. all fees paid will be retained and the option to rebook will be withdrawn.

3.12. Any payment made to us is final. These terms supersede the terms of your bank, banking institute or creditor. This includes but is not limited to; Mastercard and Visa.


4. Data handling

4.1. All data, charts, documents and video recordings remain the property of the examiner and will be dealt with in accordance with our duties under the Data Protection Act 1998:

4.1.1 If you state on the Consent Form at the outset of your instructions to us, that you wish for your test data to be removed on conclusion of our work for you, then on production of the results obtained in report form, we shall automatically delete all data obtained with the exception of the polygraph results report which we will retain in accordance with our APA (American Polygraph Association) terms of membership for one year. If you do not state you wish for your test data to be removed on the Consent Form, all data relating to video, voice recordings and charts we hold on you will automatically be deleted 24 hours from the production of the report. If you state on the Consent Form that the video and voice recording are to be used as evidence in a court, tribunal or for any other legal purpose we will retain your data for a maximum of one year. During this time the video and voice recording remains the property of Lie Detector Test USA, however if you have asked for the video to be kept during you pre-test interview, this can be viewed with an examiner in a controlled office location on an agreed date, subject to covering our costs, or unless requested by a legal body. The video and test data needs to be interpreted by our examiner and would not be released without the above terms. You must advise your examiner at the time of your pre-examination interview or such recordings will be deleted within 24 hours.

4.1.2 We reserve the unequivocal right to disclose any personal information and/or data derived from the polygraph test to law enforcement authorities or other pertinent entities as deemed necessary, in the event that the polygraph results suggest deceptive responses pertaining to allegations of sexual abuse or domestic violence. Such disclosure shall be made in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and is contingent upon the professional assessment that the results bear a significant implication of such conduct.

5. Events Outside of our Control

5.1. We are not liable for any failure to perform, delay in performance, or any of our obligations under these or any other implied terms caused by events outside of our control.

5.2. An event outside of our control means any act or event beyond our reasonable control, including but not limited to;

5.2.1.Lock-outs or other industrial action by a third party.

5.2.2. Civil commotion

5.2.3. Riot

5.2.4. Invasion

5.2.5. Terrorist Attack or Threat of a Terrorist Attack

5.2.6. War, declared or not

5.2.7. Fire or Explosion

5.2.8. Act of God (Storm, Flood, Earthquake, Subsidence, Epidemic or other natural disaster)

5.3. If an event outside of our control takes place that affects the performance of our obligations under these terms;

5.3.1. We will contact you as soon as possible to notify you, and;

5.3.2. Our obligations under these terms will be suspended and excluded.

5.4. If an event outside of our control occurs, we will confirm with you when the appointment will be met or an alternative appointment. No refund will be made because of an event outside of our control.

5.5. In unforeseen circumstances with which we agree and accept and with a minimum notice of 48 hours you can reschedule the polygraph examination within 14 days of the original examination date and we can uphold your original non-refundable fee for new booking.

6. Agreements

6.1.I, the undersigned, hereby confirm my acceptance of the above terms and conditions in full. I intend without reservation to proceed with the stipulated polygraph examination. I warrant that I possess the necessary authority to enter into this agreement and I undertake to meet all payment obligations as an authorized signatory. My signature below constitutes a binding commitment to these terms.