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In today’s world, we cannot deny the fact that everybody lies. Doesn’t matter the question is about being late or cheating in a relationship, people lie whenever they feel so, resulting in huge trust issues. A person on an average lies approx 2 to 3 times a day.

Lie detectors are such a boon in such cases. They are machines that work on the basic phenomenon of change in physiological indices like blood pressure, heart beat rate, sweating, respiration, skin conductivity and many others while telling lies. We all know that we cannot tell lies with the ease we speak the truth.

Many people get nervous, starts fumbling or just can’t maintain eye contact while lying. These machines take this point at the center of focus and differentiate the normal behavior of the body with one while answering questions and analyse them to find whether the person is lying or not.

Not only for victims, lie detectors are also useful for one who is being accused of the charges he never committed. One can easily prove his innocence by passing a polygraph test.

So if you are also suffering from various fake allegations, it is a powerful tool for you to prove yourself innocent.

Lie detectors are not only used professionally but also carry many personal uses. There are no specific places or occasions where people lie, they can lie anytime, anywhere. Hence there are a number of places where they can be used. Amongst the places where lie detectors are highly used are:

• To check your employee’s loyalty: If you are a boss, you must be familiar with the excuses that employees give whenever they are late at work or delaying their work submission. Lie detectors let you know the actual truth behind every lie and also builds a trust bond between you and your employees as either you begin to trust them or fire them out directly for fake reasons.

• Lie detectors can also be used by employees to prove their honesty to their boss. If they have got a genuine reason they can easily pass these tests and prove their loyalty towards company and work.

• Pre-Employment screenings: To know whether the candidate applying in your company really deserves the position or not, Polygraph or lie detector tests are must.

People often lie to get jobs, they portray themselves best for the required position while they are not. So, in order to know if the candidate is really that capable and hardworking how much he is claiming to be, these tests are best.

• Fraud and criminal cases: Lie detectors are highly used in fraud and criminal cases to identify culprits.

• In banks: Bank deals with lots of money in a day and so as its employees do. These tests are best to know their honesty and loyalty. As we all know safety is better than cure, so being confident about employees is much better than wasting time in finding the culprits of different scams.

• Relationship trust issues: In this modern world, where a person can easily connect with someone sitting miles away, the word “TRUST” is fading away.

Trusting partner is the foremost requirement for building a healthy relationship, but what if the person in front of you doesn’t deserve it. It’s better to put efforts to know the reality of a person than being in a fake relationship for years and getting hurt later. Lie Detectors lets you build a strong trust bond between you and your partner.

With the help of this machine, you are always confident about your partner, and that’s all that you need in a relationship.

Other than above uses, people can use lie detectors in many other places as well. They are highly reasonable, and with continuous technology, advancement is giving more accurate result than before.

Recommendations: It is highly recommended to perform a polygraph test in the presence of highly skilled and professional experts. The crucial changes in behavior are unrecognisable until you have got specialisation in it. Consult a specialist and perform these tests only under his supervision. They are best when it comes to calculating the result as they carry special expertise in observing a person’s behavior.

The analysis doesn’t start from calculating results and gathering reports. It begins from the very moment they meet the accused. Building ease and comfortable environment, tracking and evaluating their moves, reading their expressions and much more are different phases of this test.

Though these tests are accurate to a great extent, they don’t provide 100% results all the time. As a person can get nervous because of the test and may fail it in spite of being innocent, while a person who is good in lying, due to his peak perfection may set free from all charges. So, it is advised to not completely rely on their results.