A West Palm Beach lie detector test reveals infidelity when our client Elise suspects her Fiancé Edward guilty of cheating on her. Here is Elise’s story and how Lie Detector Test got her the truth she deserved.

The beginning

Amy met Edward when Edward moved into Elise’s halls of residence at university. The pair were dating months after meeting and when they graduated three years later, Edward finally asked Elise to marry him.

Suspicion starts

Things started to change between the couple when Edward moved jobs. He had been offered a huge raise in salary by a competitor so decided to take the jump. Elise was thrilled for Edward but the new job meant Edward commuted an hour each way. The longer commute meant the couple spent less time together in the evenings, resulting in them drifting apart.

Stag do

Despite Elise feeling things were different between the couple, she decided to try not to worry. Edwards’s stag do arrived and he and his friends went away for a weekend in Liverpool. Elise decided to invite three of the boys girlfriend’s round to have a girl’s evening whilst the boys were away. However, one of the girlfriend’s, Natalie, noticed that her boyfriend’s Instagram story showed Edward embracing a strange brunette woman. The girls kept replaying the video and couldn’t work out who this strange brunette was. Elise started to worry that Edward could have cheated on her when he was in Liverpool.


When Edward got back the next day, Elise told him what she had seen and showed him screenshots. Edward said the woman was simply an old work colleague and he had been shocked to see her and wanted to catch up. He told Elise she had nothing to worry about and that she was being silly. However, when Edward went off to get a shower, Elise checked through his iPad  text messages. She read multiple flirty text messages from an unsaved number, and assumed it was the brunette from the stag do.

Time for a lie detector test

Elise went to bed upset and confused as to what to do about the situation. She researched her options the next day online and looked for advice. Elise came across the Lie Detector Test UK’s blog and decided that booking a combined lie detector test with Lie Detectoror test was the best solution for her to find out the truth from Edward. She booked the lie detector test at our West Palm Beach office and told Edward, who reluctantly agreed he would take the test.

The results

Elise and Edward turned up to our West Palm Beach office and Edward took his lie detector test. The polygraph test showed he was lying. Edward immediately confessed to Elise that he had shared a kiss with the brunette woman on his stag do. He said he immediately regretted it, and besides texting her that night he hadn’t had contact with her since. Edward confessed that he had been worried he and Elise had drifted apart, but he still loves her. He asked Elise if she would be willing to go to counselling as a couple to help repair their relationship. Elise agreed and told Edward she could forgive him and was happy to have finally cleared the air.

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