A St. Petersburg Lie Detector Test recently proved William; a 32-year-old male guilty of committing car insurance fraud. Mary, William’s mother book a polygraph test in our St. Petersburg Lie Detector Test office. She suspected her son guilty of vandalising his own car to claim money from his insurers. Here is Mary’s story and how the events unfolded.

The case

Mary decided to buy her son William a new Mini for his 30th birthday present two years ago. She recalls how William had always wanted to own a Mini. However, William’s car savings soon took a hit when he lost his job due to a work injury.

Wanting to help him, Mary surprised William on his 30th birthday with his dream car. Thrilled to bits, William thanked his Mum and promised to take great care of the car.

The issues begin

Mary’s concerns over William started a year after she gifted him the car. William had started to stay out late, and was failing to pay his bills. Mary knew this because she saw debt collection letters blocking up his letterbox when she called round for tea one afternoon. Confronting William, Mary asked if everything was OK and if he needed help. She knew his work injury had left him struggling to get new work.

William acted defensive and said he didn’t need help. Instead of confiding in his Mum, he became offended and quiet. Mary decided it was best she backed off and trusted that William would come to her if he was having issues.

Where is your car?

A few months later, Mary was surprised when William turned up for dinner one evening but in a rental car. She asked William where his Mini was and he said he had some bad news. William told his Mum how vandals had stolen his car two nights ago, and a friend had found it half burnt in a field 3 miles away. Mary was completely shocked and asked William if he had reported it to the police. He said he had a police case number and was dealing with his insurers. He cried and told his Mum how sorry he was that the car had been written off. Mary comforted William and told him not to worry, it was out of his control.

Suspicion begins

Mary became more suspicious about William’s car when he said he was becoming annoyed his insurers hadn’t paid out three months after the incident. She could see how desperate William seemed to get the insurance money through. She decided to ask him again about the debt letters. William stormed off saying she didn’t trust him and said he didn’t want to speak to her.

Time for Lie Detector Test

Deciding that William was hiding the truth, Mary decided to ring William’s friend and ask him about what had happened with the car. William had told his Mum that the friend had found the car abandoned in a field and set partly on fire. However, William’s friend denied knowing anything about the car and said he certainly hadn’t found the Mini in a field burned out.

That day Mary rang our office and asked to book a lie detector test. She went round later that day and told William she wanted him to take a lie detector test to prove he wasn’t in debt and hadn’t ruined his car for insurance money. William wasn’t happy but agreed to take the test if it meant she would leave him in peace.

The results

Upon finishing his lie detector test, William broke down to our examiner and confessed he had deliberately damaged his car. He said he wanted the insurance money to pay off debts he had occurred from gambling. After losing his job and being bored at home with his injury, he had turned to betting on football to entertain himself. He had won a few times and got carried away with his beginner’s luck. Before William knew it, he had acquired a debt of over $11,000.00 which was most of his savings and then some.

Mary came into the room when William had calmed down and was ready to tell her the truth. She confronted William and said she would help him settle his debts and get over his gambling addiction. The pair left the office relieved that the truth was finally out and that they could work on a happier future together as Mother and Son.

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