A Macclenny Lie Detector test was recently used to prove alcohol addiction when a Jubilee celebration got out of hand for our client Abbie. Abbie had been concerned about her best friend Demi and her drinking habits for a while. Here is Abbie’s story and how she got the truth she needed to help her friend.

The beginning

Abbie and Demi grew up next door to each other and have been best friends since they were four-years-old. Both of the girls are the same age, so they spent their childhood and their school years glued to each other’s side.

Suspicions start

Abbie recalls how Demi’s drinking started to concern her when the pair went off to university. Abbie stayed living at home as she decided to go to Darlington University which was just around the corner from her parent’s house. However, Demi moved to Newcastle and attended university there instead of staying local. It was when Abbie decided to visit Demi that she started to worry.


Abbie decided to visit Demi for the Jubilee celebrations over the bank holiday weekend. The next morning after Demi’s Jubilee house party, Abbie decided to tidy Demi’s room whilst Demi had a nap on her couch. Abbie went upstairs to Demi’s room and started clearing her things away. However, she opened a desk drawer and found multiple empty spirit bottles, including miniatures and cans. Concerned that she had been heavily drinking by herself, she told Demi about what she had found when she woke up later that day.

Time for an Lie Detector test

Demi denied drinking the bottles and said her housemates must have shoved them there as a joke instead. Abbie wasn’t convinced at all by Demi’s reply, so she decided to call her sister and ask for advice. Abbie’s sister sent her a link to the Lie Detector Test UK website and told her to book a lie detector test on behalf of Demi to find out the truth and get her help. Abbie booked a text using our online booking tool, and told Demi later that day. Demi agreed to take the lie detector test to prove she didn’t have a problem with alcohol.

The results

The girls turned up to our Macclenny office four days later and Demi took her lie detector test. The results showed that Demi was lying. Demi broke down in tears to Abbie and confessed that she had indeed drank all the empty bottles that Abbie had found in her desk drawer. She said that university had been stressful and she had been feeling homesick, so had turned to alcohol to escape her problems. Abbie told Demi not to worry and that she was just glad she had found out the truth. She told Demi that together they would get Demi the professional help she needed by taking her to a detox programme with counselling support. They girls thanked Lie Detector Test for their professionalism and help in their case.

If you suspect your partner guilty of developing an unhealthy relationship with alcohol then book a lie detector test with us today online. You can also call our free helpline on 0800 368 8279 for advice and booking information.