A Pompano Beach lie detector test proves sexual harassment when our client Lorra came to us saying a work colleague had harassed her at work. Here is Lorra’s story and how Lie Detector Test UK got her the truth and evidence to get the justice she deserved.

The beginning

Lorra started working at a new accountancy firm in Pompano Beach after lockdown. She had been with her old company for eight years and had never received the promotion she felt she deserved. So, when she saw a local advert for a senior chartered accountant, she decided to go for the role. Fast forward to three weeks after her interview, and the job was offered to her.

Harassment at work

Lorra was over the moon to finally have a more senior role with more responsibility and a salary that she had worked hard to achieve. She recalls how she quickly settled into the new company and got on well with her colleagues. However, eight months into her new job, her boss’s son became a partner in the family-owned company.

Suspicions start

The son, Mark, immediately tried to hit on Lorra. She was a single younger lady and Mark seemed to think it was fun to flirt with her. She brushed off his flirty remarks and tried to laugh it off at first. But one evening she had to stay late in the office to catch up on an important account. Mark was the only other person who decided to stay late, and he forced himself on her that night. She recalls how he forced a kiss on her, and put his hand up her skirt. She pushed him off and told him to stop it, to which he said “Don’t pretend you don’t want it, you dirty tart”.

Time for a lie detector test

Lorra immediately left the office in floods of tears, upset and confused as to what had just happened to her. She didn’t know who to turn to for help or advise, so started to look online at advice. She went to HR the next day to formally register a sexual harassment complaint, to which the company agreed they would investigate. Scared that no one would believe her because of Mark’s importance in the firm, she decided to book a lie detector test. Lorra had read online about how a lie detector test in a case like hers could aid her claims. A lady from HR agreed to join her at our Darlington office, where Lorra booked a combined Lie Detector and polygraph test.

The results

The results, of course, showed Lorra was telling the truth about the incident with Mark. The lady from HR comforted Lorra and agreed they would file the case and proceed with a legal claim against Mark. Mark was immediately suspended and the company thanked Lie Detector Test UK for their professionalism and help in this matter. They have now offered Lorra full support with a private counsellor whilst she waits for her legal claim and police claim to go through.

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