Celebrities have the problem of people placing them on pedestals. The reality is they’re people like everyone else and make the same mistakes as the average Joe or Jane. Besides wealth and fame, the main difference between celebrities and common people is that they have little privacy.

Influencers like Kim Kardashian or Logan Paul are in the spotlight 24/7. They can’t leave their home without the paparazzi following them around town. Sometimes, they have cameras in the house, recording their daily lives. That adds up to a lot of pressure on our favorite celebs.

We all think highly of celebrities and assume they’re role models. We admire their achievements and behavior and believe they live fully righteous lives. However, that’s not the case. Celebrities are prone to behavior at every end of the spectrum, just like us.

That includes lying.

Celebrities, like everyone else, lie all the time. However, they often get away with it more than other people. Their status and legion of fans make them somewhat impervious to taking any form of responsibility for their deceit or improper behavior.

Still, there are those instances where people catch celebrities lying, calling them out for their transgressions. Social media introduced a new era of social responsibility for stars, and it’s common for people to note lying behavior and bring the celeb to the task.

We put together a few instances of when A-list celebrities got caught lying and the outcome of the lie. Are you ready to dive into the nitty gritty of when celebs get caught telling porky pies? Let’s get into it.


Khloé Kardashian

The Kardashians are huge on social media and America’s most-loved socialite family – but they’re notorious liars. Fans of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” know that Khloe loves to bake.

The socialite posted a picture to Instagram of an arrangement of baked goods she supposedly prepared for Thanksgiving. However, it turns out she ordered the pies from her favorite bakery, “Sweet Lady Jane,” in Los Angeles and was trying to pass them off as her own.


Kim Kardashian

Kim is undoubtedly the biggest star of the Kardashian clan. However, she’s had plenty of controversy since arriving in the public eye for her sex tape with Ray Jay. Kim vehemently denied she knew she was being taped in the ordeal that built her career.

However, Ray Jay would later release a video on Instagram explaining that the actress and socialite were fully aware of the tape, and her mother was even responsible for promoting it online.


Kris Jenner

The Kardashian clan keeps coming up with fibs. Kris Jenner took to social media to pose for a pic with celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay. After capturing the moment, Ramsay and Jenner posted the pic to their Instagram accounts.

However, fans pointed out Jenner had airbrushed all the lines and wrinkles out of their face before posting her version of the moment to her social media. How embarrassing.


Justin Bieber

The heartthrob of pop music isn’t immune from telling lies either. In 2014, the Biebs got caught in a lie after stating on social media he could afford to buy a private jet if he wanted it.

He took to Instagram to post a photo of a private jet. He told his fans he had just purchased it when he only chartered it. Although, we imagine Bieber could likely afford a private jet nowadays.


Taylor Swift

Kanye West released the track “Famous” in 2016. In the track’s lyrics, the rapper suggested he had sexual relations with Taylor Swift. After being questioned by her fans about her involvement with Kanye, she claimed no knowledge of the song lyrics before its release.

However, Kim Kardashian posted a Snapchat video of Kanye and Swift discussing the song, with Taylor saying, “I mean, go with whatever line you think is better.”


Bow Wow

Rapper Bow Wow took to Instagram in 2017 to post a photo of him boarding a private jet with the destination being New York City. Rappers love showing off their wealth and lifestyle on IG for their fans, it gives them more clout as performers.

However, it turns out the rapper was staging the photo. A fan secretly snapped a picture of him sitting in business class on a commercial flight to New York just a few hours after he posted his photo.


Oprah Winfrey

The world’s most popular talk show host isn’t as innocent as we might expect. The mogul got caught telling fibs on her Twitter account in 2012. She tweeted telling her fans how she loved her new Microsoft Surface tablet and couldn’t live without it.

However, fans caught her out in the shameless plug for profit, noticing that the bottom of the promotional tweet showed “Twitter for iPad,” showing her use of the Apple device, not the Surface tablet.


Soulja Boy

Rappers love flossing cash in their videos and on social media. In a 2014 post, Soulja Boy showed off what appeared to be stacks of hundred-dollar bills to flex his wealth and status to his fans on the platform.

However, a fan pointed out that it was just a stack of paper with a $100 bill strapped via an elastic band to the top to give the appearance of a pile of $100 bills. The rapper later deleted the Snapchat post.


Faze Kay

2021 saw the rise of NFT and crypto scams as the crypto market mania reached a fever pitch. The most notorious scam of the year scam from members of the gaming group “Faze Clan.” Faze Kay promoted a project called “Save the Kids,” promoting it to his fan base with altruistic intentions.

However, Kay “rug-pulled” the liquidity pool from his fans, selling all his tokens, driving the price of the project’s token down to near zeros, and fleecing his fans for millions of dollars. Internet sleuth, Coffeezilla exposed Kay after the influencer thought he could get away with it, showing damning evidence of him lying.


Lana Rhoades

The adult star Lana Rhoades is another influencer who jumped on the NFT bandwagon to fleece her army of loyal simps. Rhoades allegedly took $1.5 million in Ethereum for presales of her “Cryptosis” project without ever delivering for her fans.

When pressed about lying about its launch and success, Rhoades claimed she abandoned it because the community was “too negative” and rude towards her. However, she never returned any of the funds. Several fans called her out on social media, but she either blocked them or never replied to the accusations.


Logan Paul

His fans caught this influencer for lying about releasing an NFT project, “Cryptozoo,” in 2021. Logan told his fans he’d invested over $1 million in the project to bring it to launch. However, months later, the project didn’t meet its lunch date, and Logan abandoned it, leaving his trusting fans out of pocket for millions of dollars.

Coffeezilla uncovered that Paul never paid his development team anything to develop the project. An interview with the lead developer on Cryptozoo shows Paul never paid them for the work. However, he never refunded any of his fans for their end.


Shay Mitchell

This actress from “Pretty Little Liars” fame became a liar off-screen. Shay partnered with skincare brand Bioré in a Snapchat video campaign, with disastrous results. The video was supposed to show the actress removing her eye makeup.

However, her fans pointed out the actress was indeed acting in the post. The makeup removal pad she was using in the video didn’t touch her skin, and her makeup remained intact when she removed it, but the pad looked like it had makeup on it, proving the video was staged for views and likes.


Rita Ora

This artist was accused of lying to her fans in 2014. The singer took to Twitter to state she would release new music for her fans if her tweet got 100,000 retweets. The post went viral, smashing the 100,000 retweet goal in a few days.

However, weeks went by, and Rita never released new music. Instead, she claimed her Twitter account was hacked and wasn’t responsible for posting the message. Her fans didn’t believe her, and Rita deleted the tweet.


Paris Hilton

This socialite has plenty of lies in her past. One of her most notorious fibs comes from 2017. Paris claimed she and pop star, Britney Spears, were the innovators responsible for creating the “selfie.” This outrageous claim was quickly dismissed by her fans.

Many of them took to her social media account to point out people were taking selfies with disposable cameras, long before Paris and Brittany were even born. Her fans pointed out that a Japanese woman, Sasaki Miho, is credited with inventing the selfie back in 1994.


Lele Pons

This social media influencer got caught telling fibs in 2017. She posted a video to Instagram claiming she cut off some of her hair, donating it to charity. However, a fan with a keen eye spotted that the hair she allegedly cut off was nothing more than a hair extension.

The fan also noted that the hair was dyed and didn’t qualify for the donation due to strict rules surrounding no dyed hair being donated to the cause. Lele deleted the post, and her Twitter explanation of the incident after the fan outed her.


Lindsay Lohan

This Hollywood actress saw her career dwindling in 2014 after accusations of drug abuse and partying with her best friend, Paris Hilton. Lohan got in trouble with the law for drug use on several occasions. Eventually, she ended up in court and got community service for her crimes.

In an effort to draw attention to her dwindling career, and possibly escape more community service, Lohan claimed she was forced into handling the body bag of the late singer, Whitney Houston. The incident allegedly occurred during her community service. The coroner later released a statement saying there was no truth to her claims.


Millie Bobby Brown

The Stranger Things starlet decided to start her social media career by posting a makeup routine. She promoted her line of cosmetics and skincare agents in the post, in an effort to drive sales. However, she got called out by her fans after they noticed the makeup she was supposedly removing didn’t come off in her hands.

The fans also noticed the starlet’s hands were dry after she claimed she had put skincare products on them to apply them to her face. She was forced to admit her deception after the internet turned on her.


Amelia Marni

The “Love Island” star, Amelia Marni, decided to lie to her fans on social media by posting a photoshopped image of herself on social media. She intended to display herself in better shape than she was, using the software to slim down her thighs.

However, it backfired when the image looked like she only had one thigh. Her fans called her out and she was forced to admit the truth of doctoring the photo for clout.


Can You Polygraph People for Social Issues?

Sometimes, it would be nice to see celebrities take a lie detector test. For instance, seeing Logan Paul strapped up to a lie detector to uncover the truth about taking millions of dollars from his fans would be interesting. I’m sure his social accounts and YouTube channel would get millions of hits for that.

Unfortunately, something like that is never going to happen. The chances of any celebrity consenting to a lie detector test are slim to none. When it comes to social issues, lie detector tests might prove useful, but they’re rarely used to uncover deception.

Some outlying cases where lie detectors might prove useful are divorce cases to prove infidelity. However, that also involves the consent issue, and a person can’t be pushed into taking a lie detector test, they must consent to it.

Since they’re consenting to the polygraph exam, they’re likely telling the truth in most cases unless they have no idea about the efficacy of polygraphs in detecting deceit. So, will we see Oprah or Kim Kardashian taking a lie detector anytime soon? Probably not.