What is a lie detector test ?

The facts you veed to know about Lie Detectors and their reliability There are times when you need to ascertain if somebody is telling the truth or not. There are people who are good at telling lies. Sometimes, there are also cases of one person’s word against...

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Use of lie detector in relationships

Trust is the most important factor in a relationship. Almost every relationship is based on trust and once the trust of the other person is lost, the relationship fails. No matter how hard you try to make things work, the relationship cannot survive without trust....

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Polygraph – Lie Detector Machine

  Polygraph Instrument or Polygraph Machine? This article is in response to Director Raymond Nelson’s article published in the Sept/Oct APA Magazine. I commend Ray’s scholarly and dedicated contributions to the APA and the polygraph profession before...

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All about Lie Detector / Polygraph Tests

The polygraph test, also known as lie detector test, is a method by which a person’s physiological indices are measured and recorded while being asked a series of questions. These indices include, but are not limited to, blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and skin conductivity. A person is believed to have varying physiological responses depending on his thoughts. This is where lie detector tests are anchored. It is believed that these responses will be able to reflect the truth or falsity of a person’s statement. Read More

How does a Polygraph Test work?

Polygraph / Lie detector tests are not things to make fun of. Lie detector testing is the process of verifying the truthfulness of statements made by persons of interest. These statements are often part of an investigation and it is important that lie detector...

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A Closer Look at the Lie Detector Tests

Who hasn’t watched a crime movie or drama without seeing a polygraph? The lie detector test and the polygraph machine have become all too familiar in today’s pop culture. They are no longer just used in criminal investigations but also in movies, dramas, and even...

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Analog and computerized lie detectors

Lie Detector testing equipment can be either analog or computerized (digital). Both systems allow the examiner to view the results while conducting the examination. The advantage of the computerized system is that the software can analyze the subject’s responses in...

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Ancient Ways of Detecting Lies

Being aware of the human ability to deceive along with the human inability to detect it, ancient courts and legal systems relied heavily upon trials by ordeal. The ordeals subjected the accused to all different physical tests and endurance’s. Surviving the ordeals...

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Examiner Approach and its Impact on Polygraph Results

When categorising the different approaches of polygraph examiners toward their examinees on a continuum, one end of the spectrum is taken by the interrogative approach, and the other by the diagnostic approach. What are they? Examiners practicing the...

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Lie Detector Tests That Have Resolved Crimes

Over the years there have been tons of in depth, gruesome, and totally fascinating cases. In fact, some of these cases are so bizarre that you would think they came right out of a true crime novel. Tons of work, investigative research, and evidence collecting went into each one of these cases, but at the end of the day it was the lie detector test that truly solved the entire case. Below, you will learn about some of these cases and how the lie detector broke them wide open. Read More