A New York City lie detector test recently helped solve a case of employee theft. John had suspicions that his recent hire, David, was stealing from his construction business. Here’s John’s story and how Lie Detector Test Examiners helped him uncover the truth before he lost valuable equipment.

The Beginning

John had been building his construction company for over 15 years. He had a passion for construction and worked hard to gain the necessary skills to start his own business. John’s daughter, Sarah, often helped him with his business during her summer breaks from college. However, Sarah recently graduated and started her own career, so John decided to hire a new employee through a government program.

Suspicions Start

22-year-old David applied for the role and John was impressed with his experience and work ethic. David was a hard worker and always polite with clients. However, after a few months of working for John, he noticed that small tools and equipment were missing from the job sites. John wasn’t sure what was going on, so he installed cameras on the job sites to see if he could find out who was responsible.

The Evidence

John reviewed the footage every week, but he couldn’t see anything suspicious. After several weeks, he finally caught David on camera stealing equipment. John confronted David, who claimed that he didn’t steal the equipment and that someone must have borrowed it without his knowledge.

More Lies

Unsure if David was telling the truth, John decided to give him a chance to return the stolen equipment. David returned the equipment the next day and apologized, but John was still skeptical. He asked David to take a lie detector test at a New York City lie detector office and David agreed. The results of the test showed that David was lying and that he was the one who stole the equipment.


When confronted with the results of the lie detector test, David admitted to his actions and said that he was going through a difficult financial situation and thought that he wouldn’t get caught. John decided not to press charges, but he had to let David go from his company.

David has since found a new job and is working to make amends for his actions. John thanks the Lie Detector Test Examiners for their help in his case and for their professionalism. If you suspect an employee of theft, consider booking a lie detector test to uncover the truth.