A New York City lie detector test recently uncovered a shocking case of embezzlement. Sarah, the owner of a successful catering company, approached our team with concerns about her trusted employee, David. Here’s the story of how Sarah and Lie Detector Test Examiners brought the truth to light and saved her business from financial ruin.

The Start

Sarah has been running her catering company for over a decade and has built a reputation for quality and excellence. After years of hard work and dedication, she found herself in a position to expand and hired David as her new financial manager. David had excellent references and a strong background in finance, making him a perfect fit for the role.

Red Flags

Within a few months of hiring David, Sarah began to notice unusual discrepancies in her company’s finances. Despite high profits, Sarah found that large amounts of money were disappearing without explanation. She decided to hire an independent auditor to investigate, but the audit turned up no significant issues.

The Breakthrough

Feeling frustrated and unsure what to do, Sarah decided to turn to Lie Detector Test Examiners. She requested a New York City lie detector test for David and, to her surprise, the results indicated that he was lying about his involvement in the missing funds. Confronted with the evidence, David eventually admitted to embezzling a large sum of money from the company over several months.

The Aftermath

Sarah was shocked and saddened by the betrayal from someone she trusted, but she was grateful for the help of Lie Detector Test Examiners. With the evidence from the lie detector test, she was able to recover the stolen funds and hold David accountable for his actions. Sarah was able to save her business and continue to serve the community with quality catering services.

If you suspect an employee of financial wrongdoing, consider booking a New York City lie detector test with Lie Detector Test Examiners. You can call our free helpline for more information or to book a test today.