Lie Detector Test for Theft

Do you suspect that someone has stolen from you? Have you been falsely accused of stealing? At Lie Detector Test , we administer polygraph (lie detector) tests and provide evidence as to the innocence or guilt of a suspect

Lie Detector Test for Theft

Our service is reliable, confidential and discreet. We fully understand how to handle sensitive situations.

We provide proof of innocence/guilt in personal and workplace theft by:

  • Identifying the suspects and the motivation for the theft
  • Recovering stolen items
  • Confirming innocence or guilt

Identify the suspects and the motivation for the theft – a polygraph (lie detector) test is an efficient method of screening prospective or existing employees who may commit theft or fraud. We can perform extensive tests to discover the truel motivation for the crime and expose any hidden evidence.

Recover stolen items – with polygraph (lie detector) tests, we can accurately discover how the incident occurred, recover stolen items and also find out if employees are implicated in any current or past incidents of theft.

Confirmation of innocence – if you’ve had false allegation made against you, our reliable polygraph (lie detector) tests can prove that you are innocent. The polygraph has proved thousands of individuals innocent of crimes they did not commit. We can help you clear your name by testing your honesty and proving your innocence.