Lie Detector Test for Sexual Allegations

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Lie Detector Test for Sexual Allegations

Being falsely accused of sexual abuse is a nightmare, being a victim equally so! If this applies to you our specialist team of sexual abuse examiners is sensitive, highly trained and experienced in such cases. You can trust Lie Detector Test Examiners to handle your case discreetly, sensitvely and confidentially. With our polygraph (lie detector) tests, you can dispell false allegations and obtain verification of the truth. Our examiners can investigate private and personal allegations against family, friends or employees.

Sexual offences include:

  • Child molestation
  • Sexual assault of minors
  • Sexual misconduct with adults

Sexual allegation polygraph (lie detector) testing 

Protect and safeguard potential victims and the public

We are acutely aware that sexual abuse is a sensitive matter. Sex offender testing, can determine whether a prisoner has changed or not. Convicted sex offenders undergo treatment and may be released on licence when they are considered safe to rejoin the community. Polygraph (lie detector) tests, protect the general public from potential risk. When released on licence sex offencers are considered to have reformed.

We can help investigate sexual misconduct by carrying out lie detector tests. All our polygraph examiners are specially trained in the testing of sex offenders and their victims. We provide a professional and ethical service for all our clients.

​Reduce re-offending rates 

Working with local authorities, probation officers and those who provide treatment for sex offenders, specialised tests are conducted by our highly trained, experienced examiners. The tests will determine whether the sex offender has re-offended or will be likely to in the future.

Identify the real victims

Most sex offenders don’t reveal all the offences they have committed. Our polygraph (lie detector) tests many offenders will supply more information about the crime they are accused of. They may reveal how many victims there are, specific sexual activity indulged in and whether or not more offenders were involved in the crime.