Lie Detector Sexual Contact Test

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What is a sexual contact test?

When a person suspects their partner of infidelity the sexual contact test is used to determine whether or not they have cheated. The questions asked during the lie detector test vary depending on the circumstances but broadly include:

Whether the subject has had sexual intercourse with anyone else
Whether there has been any other form of intimate contact, such as kissing.
Invariably our clients suspect their partners have been unfaithful but want to know one way or the other and to what extent.

Where does the test take place?

The test can be carried out at your home or in one of our controlled, secure offices local to where you live. If you prefer the test to take place in the privacy of your own home, we will need to ensure that the environment is suitable. The ideal situation is when no one else is at home and to make a room that is quiet and peaceful available e.g. a study or bedroom. If you own pets that are likely to disturb the process, it’s best to drop them off with a friend of other family member. Choosing a weekday when children are at school is also preferable. The test ordinarily takes between 2 and 3 hours to complete.
How confidential is the lie detector test?

Our highly professional examiners are fully qualified and accredited. If a home test is booked the examiner will arrive in an unmarked car with no branding. A test taken in one of our offices is also discreet. The receptionist does not need to be told why you are there on arrival as an appointment has already been made.

We will never divulge any information to anyone other than you, the client, unless you specifically ask us in writing to do so. If you wish someone to access the details online, they will not be able to do so without being issued with a code that only you know. Our reputation and business has been built on the highest level of confidentiality and discretion.

Our sexual contact tests have assisted many people to resolve their individual relationship problems, most of which are never straightforward. We understand how difficult dealing with a lack of trust can be. Check out our case studies and call us on 0800 861 1058 for a free, confidential discussion with one of our examiners to find out how we can help you.