A Lake City Lie Detector Test proves infidelity when our client Tony came to us suspecting his boyfriend Callum guilty of cheating on him. Here is Tony’s story and how Lie Detector Test UK got him the truth he deserved to know.

The beginning

Tony and Callum met when they both started working in a local bar during lockdown. Tony was on furlough and wanted a part time job to help boost his wages. Callum had started the role as bar manager prior to the pandemic so was there to help train Tony.

Suspicions start

The couple hit It off immediately and a year later they moved in together. However, Tony recalls that things started to take a turn when the bar opened back up to the public when the pandemic restrictions eased. He grew concerned over Callum’s flirting, and in particular his flirty relationship with bar regular Patrick. The Lake City bar is a gay bar and therefore attracted a lot of young and good looking single gay guys, but Patrick was always very flirty with Callum and Tony grew jealous.


One evening, Tony caught Callum sharing a hug and receiving a kiss on the cheek from Patrick. He confronted Callum about it that evening when the pair went home after work. Callum told Tony he was being silly and that he didn’t need to worry about his relationship with Patrick. He said that the more he flirted with Patrick, the better tips he would get and he just wanted the extra cash.

Time for a lie detector test

Despite Tony telling Callum how the flirting made him feel insecure in their relationship, the weeks went past and Patrick still visited often and Callum still flirted with him. Eventually Tony decided he had enough and researched his options online of how to tell if his partner was cheating. He came across the Lie Detector Test UK Blog and read about how a lie detector test had proven cheating allegations. He booked a lie detector test on behalf of Callum and told Callum when he got home that day what he had done. Callum was upset but agreed to take the lie detector test to prove his innocence.

The results

The couple turned up to our Lake City office a week later and Callum took his lie detector test. The test results showed that Callum was telling the truth. Tony immediately apologised to Callum and Callum hugged Tony and apologised that he had made him feel insecure in their relationship. He told Tony that from now on, when Patrick visited the bar he would ask a work colleague to serve his instead. Callum told Tony that he meant the most to him and he didn’t want to keep making him upset. Tony thanked Lie Detector Test UK for their professionalism and help in his case, and says the pair are now stronger and happier than ever thanks to taking the lie detector test.

If you suspect your partner guilty of cheating then book a lie detector test with us today online. You can also call our free helpline on 0800 368 111 for advice and booking information.