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Welcome to our Polygraph/Lie Detector Knowledge Hub! Our team of Accredited Polygraph Examiners share valuable insights, articles, and client stories on polygraph testing and lie detection. From exploring the science behind polygraph tests to real client success stories, our Knowledge Hub provides information for all audiences.

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Lie Detector Tests That Have Resolved Crimes

Over the years there have been tons of in depth, gruesome, and totally fascinating cases. In fact, some of these cases are so bizarre that you would think they came right out of a true crime novel. Tons of work, investigative research, and evidence collecting went...

How to become a Polygraph Examiner

Do you have a knack for knowing when people are telling the truth or lying? Why not use your sixth sense to launch your career as a polygraph examiner? This profession blends physiology, psychology, and criminology with critical thinking skills. It's a challenging...