A Hollywood Lie Detector Test was recently used to dismiss infidelity rumors. Our client Nicole came to us when she was confronted by a friend claiming she had slept with her boyfriend Scott. Here is Nicole’s story and how Lie Detector Test examiner got her the truth she deserved.

The beginning

Nicole and Scott met when Scott moved in next door to Nicole in Hollywood . The pair hit it off immediately and moved in together after seven months of dating. However, Nicole recalls how her old housemate Jody seemed jealous of the couple. Nicole decided it was just because Jody had to move out from the flat, so she was annoyed.

Suspicions start

After a few months of living together, Nicole got a knock at the door. She answered it and discovered that Jody had come round to see her. Scott was at work so the pair of friends shared a cup of tea and caught up. However, Jody told Nicole that she had actually come over to show her something. She dug her mobile out from her handbag and showed Nicole multiple screenshots of messages from Scott. The messages were flirty and inappropriate. She also confessed that she had bumped into Scott last weekend when both of them were on a night out, she claimed Scott tried to kiss her but she refused.


When Scott got home that evening Nicole confronted him and told him all about what Jody had bee claiming. Scott laughed and dismissed Jody as “always having a thing for him and being jealous”. When asked how he explained the texts she had seen screenshots of, Scott simply said that Nicole had fabricated them and made them on Photoshop.

Scotte for an Lie Detector Test

Still not convinced with Scott’s answers, and unsure why Jody would go to so much effort to create drama, she rang her friend. Her friend told Nicole to book a lie detector test as she had used one when she thought her boyfriend had cheated on her. Nicole found Eye Detector Test UK’s website and booked a polygraph test online.

The results

The couple turned up to our Hollywood office a week later and Scott took his lie detector test. The results showed that Scott was telling the truth. He told Nicole that Jody was jealous and acting out of character. Scott told Nicole she should suggest to Jody that she took a lie detector test and gaged her reaction as a way of seeing if she had fabricated the screenshots of the messages. The couple are happily still together and thank Lie Detector Test UK for their professionalism and speed in resolving their dispute.

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