A Fort Lauderdale eye detect test with a combined polygraph test recently proved pregnancy rumors. Our client Jane was horrified when a ex-colleague of her husband’s, Patrick, turned up on her doorstep pregnant and claiming the baby belonged to Patrick. Here is Jane’s story and how lie detector test got her the truth she deserved.

The beginning

Jane met Patrick when the pair both worked at an Accountancy firm. Jane was in charge of client management and relations, whilst Patrick was an accountant. Within three months of meeting, the pair were officially dating, and four years down the line they became married. Jane ended up leaving the firm for a higher paid job with a large legal insurer in Fort Lauderdale. However, her replacement, Harriet became very friendly with Patrick before she left and Jane felt uncomfortable with leaving.

Suspicions start

Jane was in charge of Harriet’s induction training and handover which was done for two weeks before she left. During this time Jane introduced her to her husband Patrick to help her feel at ease. However, one evening after leaving for her new job Jane noticed multiple notifications popping up on Patrick’ phone, all from someone called “Hatti”. She asked Patrick who Hatti was and he said it was Harriet. He explained that she had trouble fitting in and felt she had a friend in Patrick. Jane felt uneasy about the familiarity between the pair, but she tried to squish any feelings of doubt.


Several months passed by and Jane still noticed the odd notification pop up on Patrick’ phone from Harriet, but she carried on and trusted Patrick regardless. However, Jane’s whole life was turned upside down one Saturday afternoon when Harriet turned up at the couple’s door. Patrick was off golfing with friends, so it was Jane who answered. She was greeted by a pregnant Harriet. She congratulated Harriet and asked how far she was. Harriet told her she was now 4 months pregnant, but also told her she had come to admit the father was Patrick. Jane was angry and upset, and told Harriet she was a liar, she shut the door and cried for hours until Patrick got back.

The test

When Patrick got back, he asked Jane what was wrong, and he was told the whole story. He told Jane that Harriet was a liar and had been causing him issues at work. Patrick said she had tried to flirt with him and he had become tired of it and dismissed her behavior. He told Jane not to worry, but Jane couldn’t help shrugging off her doubts. Jane rang her sister the next day and the sister directed her to Lie Detector Test Examiners after we resolved a dispute at her company. Jane rang our free helpline and decided the best option for her was to book a polygraph test with polygraph as the results were 97 – 98% accurate. She booked one for Patrick in Fort Lauderdale the next week, when he got home, she told him and he agreed he would take one to settle any doubts she had.

The results

Jane and Patrick turned up to our Fort Lauderdale office a week later and Patrick took his lie detector test. The results showed that Patrick was lying. He asked to speak to Jane, and immediately broke down crying to her. He confessed that he had been with Harriet on a one-night stand but that it had resulted in her becoming pregnant. Patrick sobbed to Jane and said he was going to tell her, but once the baby had arrived they had done a paternity test to be 100% sure. Jane has moved in with her sister whilst the couple take a break, she is waiting for a paternity test to be done but is going to couples counseling with Patrick. She thanks Lie Detector Test Examiners for their help in her case and for their professionalism.

If you suspect a friend or partner of lying or cheating, then why not book a lie detector test with us today online. You can also call our free helpline on 0800 368 1234 for advice and booking information.